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Barring at Bloomingdales

Barring a Bloomingdales? What in the world does that mean, you ask? Flybarre, Boca is hosting a complimentary full body Pop Up Barre class right inside Bloomingdales on the 2nd floor, Saturday, September 13 at 11am. LLScene participated in this event two months ago, and had a blast. It was so much easier to get through the pulse and burn while scoping out all of the amazing clothes we were going to reward ourselves with afterwards.


You must be wondering how you can teach a barre class in the middle of a department store. Flybarre will provide all of the materials you need for a successful workout, complete with weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, and mats. Their instructors push you to ensure you’re getting a total body workout blended with lightweight training, dance, and core strengthening workouts.

Not only can you scope out all of Bloomingdales hottest new fall styles, Flywheel Sports is now selling their newest collections there! Take it from us, we live in our Flywheel inspired apparel.

Space is very limited, make sure you RSVP to Karla at to guarantee your spot!

See you on the barre!


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