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What LLScene is Watching this Fall

It’s Thursday, which means one thing and one thing only, LLScene’s favorite night of the week for TV. Today’s post spotlights our ‘must see’ fall television shows.

Vampire Diaries - Thursday 8/7c on The CW

This show is first on our list for many reasons as it’s an LLScene all-time favorite. To say we are invested in this show and the characters would be an understatement. First and foremost, there isn’t one person on this show that isn’t utterly drop dead gorgeous. Not one. Two beautiful brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore fight over the same girl, but it isn’t a ‘Team Edward’ or ‘Team Jacob’ situation. You may have your preference, but you’re constantly rooting for them both, it’s exhilarating! We understand that the ‘supernatural’ thing might not be appealing for some, but we promise that the idea of vampires, werewolves, and witches will become a concept you willingly accept into your everyday conversation. We laugh with them, cry with them (a lot), but needless to say, Vampire Diaries really pulls at our heartstrings. We can’t get enough of this dark and twisted love triangle. We recommend viewing Vampire Diaries over a large glass of red wine.


We are both 'Team Stefan' at LLScene, but there is always something that keeps us rooting for bad boy brother Damon too! These clips leave us in tears every single time we watch it. Elena mourns the death of Damon as he says his goodbyes from 'the other side'. Who are you rooting for?

Reign - Thursday 9/8c on The CW

If you haven’t learned yet, we are die hard history buffs at LLScene. That being said, we appreciate a show that can bring a realistic twist to one of our favorite historic stories. It’s hard to come to terms with accepting the fact that couple being betrothed to one another can actually fall in love, but that is what we love about Reign. Mary & Francis have been betrothed to marry since they were young and have desperately been in love ever since. Here’s the catch, another brotherly love triangle. Enter, Bash, Francis’ half brother and bastard son to the king. Bash and Mary have a magnetic connection that can’t be ignored even to ‘Team Francis’ members. Sure, Mary is one fierce queen, but her bestie — and lady-in-waiting — Kenna is a real firecracker winning over the love (or lust?) of the king. There’s an underlying supernatural element in Reign, which adds an extra layer of suspense and raises the stakes. We love Reign because of the historical realness it brings to our Thursday nights. History should always be this sexy.


Lilly is partial to Francis, while Lindsey leans toward brother, Bash. That being said, we have provided two 'fan made' clips. Fun fact, the song playing in Mary & Bash's video is Lindsey & Blake's wedding song! These clips are both overwhelmingly passionate. Which brother do you lean toward?

Scandal - Thursday 9/8c on ABC

What can we say about Scandal that hasn’t already been said? Award winning writer, Shonda Rhimes will get you hooked immediately. It’s easy to believe that this fictional show is anything but fiction Not only do they have great actors, but there are some juicy and BELIEVABLE political scandals covered on the show. There are love stories, murder mysteries, conspiracies, and a whole host of other problems. This is the type of show you need to start from the beginning, so queue up you Netflix or DVR, and get on it!


We love to hate, and sympothize with first lady, Mellie Grant. She is crypticly fabulous.

How To Get Away With Murder - Thursday 10/9/c on ABC

Thursdays are the night of Shonda Rhimes, and why shouldn’t they be? Our new show of the season is How To Get Away With Murder. A crazy law professor pulls five special students out of her 101 ethics class and into the mire that separates the Gladiators from the pack, throws them in the garbage, and then figures out who's the biggest sharks from what's left. As serious 20/20, ID Network, and Dateline junkies, we were overjoyed to see previews for this new show. So far, ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ has been brilliant and charismatic as you follow main character, Annalise a law professor, who gets entangled with four of her law students. Watch if you would like to be on the ground floor of this conversation a year or two from now, about how you weren't sure at first, but eventually it became your favorite show.


This trailer alone should give you more than enough reason to tune in tonight at 10pm.

Nashville - Wednesday 10/9c on ABC

For two girls that aren’t HUGE country fans, we are fully committed to Nashville, so that is saying something. One of the main reasons we love Nashville is because Hayden Panettiere’s relationship with Connie Britton’s character is rumored to be mirrored off of Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill’s early industry relationship. Need we remind you that Connie Britton is THE Tami Taylor of Friday Night Lights? She not only brings her A-game (as always) but has an amazing voice to boot.There are juicy family and industry secrets, which we believe are paralleled to the big bad world of country music. Yes, there is country on the show, but it’s not nauseating. There's a little bit of something for everyone. There's of course country, but also pop, rock and soul.


This is just a short glimpse into the talent you experience when watching Nashville. LLScene favorite character, Scarlett confronts her destructive mother during this beautiful song.

Homeland - Sunday 10/9c on Showtime

If you’re not already watching Homeland, you shouldn’t be reading our blog. Just kidding...ish. If you didn’t watch Romeo & Juliet religiously in high school like we did, you might be taken aback when Claire Danes has her first cry, it’s quite the sight. Her character is a reliable, unstable, bipolar CIA agent, who kicks ass. Other main character, Brody isn’t just a POW that took Jon Hamm’s Mad Men Emmy, he’s a guy who agrees to be a figurehead for people he neither believes in nor likes. This guy is the American nightmare, but he also plays the sympathetic villain role of a lifetime. You never know what is going to happen or where it’s going to happen, but what you thought would happen, doesn’t come close to happening. This show has probably taken years off our lives, but it’s completely worth it. Homeland has won a slew of Emmys because it’s good, REALLY good. If you’re not watching Homeland, cancel your plans for the next two weeks, log into Netflix, and get on it.


Season 4 premiered last Sunday, but here is a clip of what you can expect for future epsiodes this season. Our hearts are already pounding in anticipation.

Modern Family - Wednesday 8/9c on ABC

After reading this post, you might think we are all about the drama here at LLScene. Modern Family gives us the perfect light hearted medium we seek after nights filled with terrorists, vampires, and scandal. The genius behind Modern Family is no secret. They win Emmy after Emmy and continue to break comedic records in the industry, for a good reason. We will tell you that you need to have a high social IQ to keep up with this show. The comedic timing is quick and masterly thought out. If you miss the intended quick wit of the show, you probably won’t get the entire goal of Modern Family. With all of the wit and humor encompassing this show, Modern Family always ends with a feel good message that makes you think and truly appreciate your dysfunctional family. It sounds obvious, but this contemporary representation of family is perhaps the most compelling reason why Modern Family excels.


Phil Dunphey is probably one of our favorite characters on the show. Soon-to-be dads should aspire model their parenting skills off of him.

We aren’t asking you to trust us on every word we say, but if you can trust us on anything, make it be in our choice on nighttime television. Have we ever steered you wrong before? Enjoy our fall selections...we know you will...

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