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Today’s post is a pretty special one as it spotlights our favorite photographer, ArtCImages. You might recognize them from past events and blog posts we have done. That is because we refuse to go with anyone else. If you’re a bride-to-be in search for a photographer for your engagement and wedding photos, you NEED to contact Kevin at ArtCImages Photography.

Founders, Kevin & Marissa Cucci photograph all of LLScene’s events because of their professionalism, quality, and down right talent. Because of her Miami Dolphin Cheerleading days, Lilly is a VERY harsh critic when it comes to photographers. You will be happy to know that she gives ArtCImages a 100% stamp of approval. Their work speaks for itself, which you can see in all of our event photos.

They provide photography services for anything you can think of. From weddings, engagement sessions, maternity photos, senior class photos, holiday card photos, and newborn photos, they can truly do it all.

Can you even handle how adorable their little girl, Lia is? We just want to squeeze her, and then become her PR team for toddler modeling.

Wedding pictures are something you don’t want to screw up. They are the only thing you will have from your wedding day forever. When you’re planning your children’s weddings, you can look back and show them how beautiful their mom looked, or how weird your wedding dress was in comparison to how they are in year 2028. Your wedding photographer is hands down the most important vendor you will hire for your wedding. It’s a no brainer, contact our friends at ArtCImages Photography, you wont regret it.

One of the other amazing things they offer is hair and makeup. Most photographers will recommend a hair and makeup team, but not have them on staff as an additional service. Not only is Marissa a photographer, but she has been a Professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist for the last 6 years. She does all the hair and makeup for our portrait sessions and most of the weddings we shoot! She has an amazing talent and a personality to match. We absolutely love her!

When planning her wedding, Lindsey had a tough time realizing the fact that the wedding industry was a ‘business’. It wasn't at all what she thought the wedding planning process would be like. People are always trying to convince you to do things their way; ways that will make their jobs easier. Kevin looks out for the best interest of his couples, while actually listening to exactly what they want. He refuses to compromise a vision or dream because it’s easier to do a first look.

Lindsey has personally known Kevin for years and trusts his ability to capture sentimental moments without even realizing it. Kevin and Marissa spend a lot of time getting to know their couples, so by the time their wedding day rolls around, they have an unspoken bond and become a part of the family.

Having the privilege to be a part of this special time and to be able to capture each moment is a dream for them. They take pride in each image they deliver because we know how important they are. They tell a story. They want our clients to feel comfortable, cared for, and confident they are in good hands.

This is probably one of our favorite pictures they have done, not just because the bride is drop dead gorgeous, but because of the story behind it. It was right before she was about to walk down the aisle, and she took a last minute peek into her ceremony room as guests were being seated. These are the moments that Kevin and his team have the ability of capturing, it’s raw, real, and frankly unheard of in the wedding photography world.

Whether you realize this now or not, if you just got married, chances are you’re going to need a good photographer again in the near future. Kevin and Marissa have ongoing relationships with their brides and grooms as they shoot their maternity photos, newborn photos, family portraits, and so much more. If you need photos for any life milestone, Kevin and Marissa will be there.

We wanted to sit down with ArtCImages for an interview, so you could all get to know them on a personal level. This is what they had to say.

1. What made you want to start photography?

The reason I put this time and effort into photography was when we found out Marissa was pregnant with Lia. I wanted to have amazing photos of Lia as she grew up and knew that the best opportunity to do that was to become good at photography myself :) I spent countless hours (and still do) learning as much as I could and becoming better and better each day.

2. What is your favorite part about being a photographer?

The day I deliver photos to a client is by far the best part. Whether I am doing it in person or sending them the online gallery, I just know their faces will light up seeing their beautiful photographs and that is the most amazing feeling. I feel it's the best gift you could possibly give someone because a photograph is timeless. It lasts forever, never goes bad, and can't be forgotten. The moment captured remains frozen in time forever and that is so special.

3. What is your favorite thing to photograph? (i.e.: weddings, maternity, newborn, engagement…etc)

My favorite thing to photograph is definitely Wedding Day. The amount of planning, stress, hard work, money, and most of all - Love that goes into a wedding is priceless. It is so rare that entire families come together. Being there to witness and capture the moments of the best day of the bride and groom's life is a gift that I truly treasure. Marissa and I have so much passion for weddings and being married now ourselves, we really connect with the bride and groom and know the emotions they are feeling in those precious moments. Delivering the images from the wedding gives us so much joy, it can only be explained in the photographs themselves because sometimes words are not enough.

4. What makes your style of photography different from other companies in South Florida?

There are great photographers everywhere. I would say the main thing that stands out with us is the relationship we build with each client. The overall experience is what makes us who we are as a studio. Marissa and I work seamlessly together and clients LOVE the time they spend with us at the portrait sessions and especially on wedding day. We genuinely care for each client and I believe that really comes across in our work. As far as our images go, we try to keep them clean, crisp, and classic. They are bright, airy, happy images.

5. Describe a favorite moment you have captured.

Recently I have had the unique opportunity to photograph a Pregnancy announcement. In general I love these, but this one was very special to me. It was a client (and best friend) that I photographed in the very beginning of my career proposing to his finance on the beach. It was a surprise that we planned out and it was such a special moment. Being able to capture the moment he proposed to her and now the announcement to the world they are pregnant really means everything to me. He is also the person who introduced me to Marissa!

6. Ever photographed a destination wedding that just blew you away?

Marissa and I traveled all the way to Costa Rica to shoot a dear friend's wedding at an amazing resort on the Pacific Ocean. Traveling to the resort could only be described as a "nightmare" with multiple flights, all day traveling, pouring rain, a plane smaller then my car, almost getting my gear taken from me at the airport, almost getting my gear taken again when being pulled over at a roadblock by the "police" and then finally making it to the resort at the end of the night. Waking up the next day felt so amazing. All the stress from the day before was gone and it was time to do what we love... photograph their amazing destination wedding. The weather was perfect, the resort was breath-taking and the entire day was like a dream. We are so thankful to have these opportunities and be trusted by our clients enough to travel around the world and be with them on their BIG day!

7. How long have you been doing this?

We are still a relatively new photography studio. This summer will mark 2 years :)

8. Wow just two years and so many accomplishments! Where do you see ArtCImages in the future?

I originally started this as a part time hobby. In such a small amount of time, it has become so much more than I could have imagined. We have done no advertising, and only book clients through direct referrals. The amount of bookings we had this year alone has been tremendous and well beyond our expectations. Our initial goal was to shoot one wedding per month, with some portrait sessions sprinkled in here and there to keep us busy. Moving forward, it looks like it is going to be much more than that :) This is a good thing. We take it as it comes, but we really devote as much time as we can to each client and especially our bride and grooms. We are really going to try to build a bigger Senior Photography program this year for all the incoming Senior High School Students. We really enjoy photographing them and building their confidence levels. Self-image is extremely important going into the final year of high school and we LOVE playing a part in that.


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