Creating a Wedding Registry

Creating a registry can be very intimidating. It's easy to go into a registry with the thought that you have to start from scratch with a clean slate, which isn't always the case.

Print out a registry guideline. Most stores will have their own for you to reference, which bullet points staple home items for couples. While we tell our brides that it's not necessary to set a budget for their registries, it's also important not to go too crazy with the gun. But, do make sure that your fiance gets a picture of you and post it on instagram like Lindsey made Blake do.

You want to register with stores that provide a variety of different price points. Guests will appreciate your efforts to accommodate every budget, and you will be able to fulfill your registry faster. Our favorite stores are Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Bed, Bath, and Beyond (you can also use their coupons when buying registry items too!), Zola, Target, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn.

This is probably LLScene's most popular new registry trend. It's simple, a Honeyfund gives your guests the opportunity to fund your honeymoon! With Honeyfund, you make your own travel arrangements and then receive monetary gifts from your guests to help you pay for the costs of travel.​ They're able to submit payment toward your flight arrangements, ​hotel accommodations, purchase a bottle of wine at the restaurant you plan on going to, and pamper you with a desired spa day at the resort you're staying at....etc...

By the time couples come around to creating a registry, they are probably knee deep in wedding planning. The bride and groom's time is cherished, but limited. They have face to face meetings with vendors and finalizing major details surrounding their big day, so the last thing they want to do is have to go somewhere and meet with someone. We HIGHLY recommend starting and managing your registry online. Any store that provides registry services will have an online option. Pour yourselves a glass of wine, log into your registry, and go at it. I'm sure you're thinking...but that takes the fun out of it! I want to go to the store, tag my items with the gun, and take pictures!

If you're a bride, we can assure you that you will want to use that gun for other things, like hitting your fiance over the head when he starts to complain about how long you're taking. Some couples want to see the items they're registering for in person. That's fine, register for them online and then head to the store on your terms, and check everything out! It's also really fun to download the apps and get alerts when registry items have been fulfilled. Warning: it becomes addictive.


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