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#SceneGirls Guide to the NBA Finals

We’re back again with a #SceneSports guide for all our ladies being forced to sit through yet another sports championship. Even though the Heat didn’t make the finals this year, we still have a team to root for. All it took was meeting Stephen Curry for 2.5 seconds on the set of Good Morning America to become new fans of the Golden State Warriors. It also helps that they’re playing Lebron James, whose absence is still a hard pill to swallow in South Florida. You're so yesterday Lebron.

1. If these Steph Curry pictures don't turn you into a “NBA Finals person”, we don’t know what will. However, the real showstopper is his daughter, Riley. She has has stolen many hearts around the world with her precious antics (including her short cover of

Big Sean's "Blessings").

2. Steph Curry & wifey, Ayesha Curry met when they were 15 years old. True love is real.

Oh, and they're expecting their second child in July!

3. Nothing is too seriousl for this adorable family They like to have a good time!

4. Be on the lookout for the most adorable pre-game ritual between Steph and Riley.

5. Steph Curry kind of came out of the middle of nowhere this season. People have known about him, but haven’t made a big deal out of him until this year. Sure, we’ll root for an underdog.

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