#SceneGirl Moving Tips

Leave it to LLScene to plan their moves a week a part. Yes, Lilly is moving into a townhouse this week, and Lindsey is moving into her house next week. To top it off, life has been CRAZY this month; if we aren’t in a wedding then we’re attending a wedding, or going out of town for something else. This has made it nearly impossible to organize and execute these moves, but somehow we were able to get it all done without ripping our hair out.

Frequent moves are something us 20-30 somethings experience far too much. Packing and unpacking isn’t the most glamorous way to spend your time, but we have this moving thing down to a science at this point in our lives. Since we know our fellow #SceneGirls are always on the go and looking for convenience, we decided to document and share our secrets to a successful move, without having to sacrifice your social life.

Purge Before You Pack…

Or as Lilly would say, WWLK “What Would Lindsey Keep?” Which is nothing. That American Apparel tank you wore to a neon fraternity date function will NOT go with anything you own in 2015. Purge it. Stop thinking there will be an outfit or opportunity to wear something you wore in 2007. There won't be. Not only is it fun to go through ALL of your old clothes, it’s therapeutic too! Make three piles for your unwanted items—donate, toss, and sell—and then clear your house of them accordingly. Lindsey just did this and got over $250 from Plato’s Closet! You will appreciate the extra room in your new closet.

Do I Need This Right Now…?

Start by packing items you need the least, then gradually move your way to the things you need weekly and daily. As time goes by, just start throwing stuff in boxes. You’re not hosting a fancy dinner party, or baking a lavish cake weeks before you move. Pack it. Before you know it, you will have your entire kitchen packed.

Say No to the Manicure

This should be self explanatory, but just say no to the manicure for awhile. Arranging boxes, packing, unpacking, cleaning...etc will bring on an instant chip. Until you have thrown away your last box, just say no to the manicure. It pains us too…

Hang Out

This is one of the most important tips we can give, so listen up! The last time Lindsey moved, she folded and packed ALL of her clothes, this was probably the dumbest thing she could have ever done. Not only is this a tedious way to pack, you will be SO mad at yourself when you have to re-hang everything in your closet. Keep all of your clothes on hangers. Home Depot sells wardrobe boxes, which give you the opportunity to hang all of your clothes securely in a box. If you run out of wardrobe boxes, gently fold your clothes over so they gently fit in a suitcase with the hangers still on them. Another fun trick is tieing the top of your hangers together and throwing a trash back over them to separate everything. This process also makes it easier to lie them in the back seat of your car without having anything fall off the hangers.

Stay Home from Work

Everyone schedules a move on the weekend, so moving companies always jack up the price on Saturdays and Sundays. Play hooky from work for the cheaper rates. Trust us, it’s worth it. It will also be nice to get all of the hard work out of the way, so you can enjoy yourself on the weekend.

Label Everything

There’s no such thing as too much labeling. A detailed labeling system will make the moving and unpacking process so much easier. We recommend using stickers, brightly colored duct tape, or colored sharpies to color code by room. The movers will see how you labeled everything, so your boxes will end up in the correct rooms.

Make Friends

Make friends with your movers. Offer them food, water, and tip them well. Chances are, they will expand upon their job description and help you put things together too.

Wrap It All Up

You can’t ever be too careful with your delicate belongings. Home Depot sells specific paper and bubble wrap for all your wrapping needs. If you run out of those, take some old t-shirts from your purge pile and wrap your breakable items in those.


We all know how annoying it is to untangle jewelry. Completely avoid this struggle by doing a little more wrapping. Lay your jewelry flat on a sheet of aluminum foil and wrap each piece individually. It sounds a little tedious, but you will be happy you did it once you start unpacking.

Don’t Forget…

...to schedule necessary installations and home improvements. Cable, water, sewage, electricity: get it all turned on BEFORE you move in. Any home improvements that need to be made should happen before the moving day, so you’re able to focus solely on the move itself. Fun fact: unpacking is so much better with a Lifetime movie marathon on in the background.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Clean your house before your belongs get there. Whether you need to schedule a cleaning team to come out for a “wet clean” or clean the house yourself, you will want to do this without any belongings in the house. This will give you the opportunity to scrub every nook and cranny before the dust starts to collect.

We know of a lot of #SceneGirls moving this month, so take these tips and run with them. If you have additional advice, please feel free to share them. There’s nothing better than being able to light a candle, sit back, and enjoy your new home after a move. Hope these tips streamline your upcoming moving process.


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