What's Your Fashion IQ?

The ladies at The Buzz Agency know us all too well, so when they came to us about this new fashion IQ app, we knew we had to share it on the blog. Kate’s Fashion IQ™ is the hottest new mobile app released in the U.S., which gives us style seekers a savvy, new type of fashion experience with one dynamic app where users can play, shop, and share. Lindsey & Lilly both downloaded the app, tested their fashion IQ, and luckily passed with flying colors (there’s always that fear though, right?).

Not only can you up your style IQ, but you can easily purchase all of the looks right from the app. It’s a new type of fashion experience in one dynamic app where users can play, shop, and share. Warning: these games get really addicting and a little competitive, especially since you can compare your scores and compete with other fashion aficionados while sashaying to the top of the leaderboard.​

What’s a fashion app without a little shopping? Users can stay up to date with the latest trends based on the hundreds of handpicked options selected by co-founder Susan Weinstein and fashion editors —Jen Johnson and Shana Harden— that will be for sale throughout the app, along with 84 distinct products featured each week.

We’re able to select items we like and buy them directly from the retailers’ website. A wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories at every price level will be available to satisfy everyone’s individual shopping preference. Users can then share their favorites on social media.

One of the reasons we love this concept so much, it was created by two best friend fashionistas, Maria D. Longo and Susan Weinstein, just like LLScene! This is such a fun app, and it’s free. Get on it ladies!


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