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Ask and you shall receive! Since a lot of you have been asking about Lindsey & Lilly’s Halloween costumes this year, we thought we would spoil you all with a little sneak peek into Lindsey & Blake’s costumes this year!

We absolutely love Halloween at LLScene, Blake & Sam...not so much. That’s okay though! This gives us the opportunity to dictate where we go, but more importantly what we go as. Remember our successful Haunted Halloween Party last year?!

Being an English major and having a serious passion for British history, Lindsey always has to channel her inner royalty on Halloween. That being said, she put a lot of time and thought into this year’s costume. Going as the ‘traditional’ Romeo & Juliet was never an option. They would have looked like a simple medieval couple, and no one would have known who they were without asking. Don’t you agree? Why not step it up, and go as the Romeo & Juliet we all know and love, the Leo & Claire Romeo & Juliet. Yes, Blake is stressed about the big shoes he has to fill, in case you were wondering.

Now, we aren’t going to give away all the juicy details of their costumes, but here is a little something to hold you over until tomorrow night!

If you’re still procrastinating, and not sure what to be tomorrow night, we DO NOT recommend going to Party City, or any other Halloween store. Talk about anxiety. Go through your closet and look for staple items that can be converted into a successful Halloween costume. Once inspiration strikes, take it from there.

We’re saving Lilly & Sam’s costume reveal for Halloween night, so stay tuned!


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