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LLScene Botox Parties

LLScene Botox Party

Yes, we got work done...again! This is going to be an ongoing thing, so get used to it. LLScene had yet another successful Botox Party at Dr. Mylissa’s Medical Boutique, and couldn’t be happier. Because we were so happy with the results from our original Botox Party back in December, we decided to get the same things done this time around; Lindsey got Botox & Juvederm fillers in her lips and laugh lines, while Lilly got Botox. One of our closest #SceneGirls, Gaby, is getting married this month, so this party was more than necessary!

"You’re so young, why are you getting Botox now?"

A common question we tend to hear from our elders. Because it’s preventative! The earlier you start getting Botox, the easier it will be to maintain when you get older. There will be NO fine lines and wrinkles on these #SceneGirls ever again. In order to ensure you get the most out of your Botox treatments, you should go every three months. We waited a little longer than that and honestly saw a big difference, so it was a little like Christmas morning when we walked into our Botox party with Dr. Mylissa. Hallelujah, we are back! There won’t be a line or crease to be seen or heard from again ( least for another three months). Our makeup goes on smoothly, without a dreaded crack or imperfection from our foundation. Ladies, you know what we’re talking about.

LLScene Botox Party

Dr. Mylissa is a true miracle worker. Before coming to Dr. Mylissa, we’ve had fellow #SceneGirls venture elsewhere for Botox and they admit that it just isn’t the same. Maybe it’s her calming bedside manner or ability to read minds, but time and time again she gives us all exactly what we’re looking for.

If you haven’t noticed, Lindsey has been a little excessive on social media when it comes to posting selfies. She can’t help herself! She’s lived 28 years without lips and now that she has them, she’s never looking back! For anyone who has played around with the idea of getting lip injections, we highly recommend it. In Lindsey’s opinion, the second time around was much better. The recovery time was cut in half and so was the pain. In celebration of her newfound lips, she went out of her way to win the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit at an event the week after. You can’t have lip injections without bringing up dear Kylie, can you?

LLScene Botox Party

If you’ve played around with the idea of getting Botox, fillers or any other cosmetic treatment, we highly recommend contacting Dr. Mylissa. Lucky for all of you, she offers special discounted treatments for LLScene followers (seen below).

LLScene Botox Party

If you’re not ready to take the plunge into the world of cosmetic fillers & Botox, that’s fine! Dr. Mylissa and her talented team offer an array of other treatments customized to your everyday needs.

LLScene Botox Party

Email us if you want more information on when our next Botox Party will be held. We're thinking sometime in July before our #SceneGirl trip to Vegas! Make sure to mention LLScene when you book your appointment and at checkout in order to receive this special pricing!

Botox & Fillers

Botox: $11/unit

Juvederm Fillers: $425.00

Juvederm Plus: $500.00

Belotero: $425.00

Radiesse: $525.00

Kybella: $550.00

Voluma: $700.00

Phentermine Diet

4 weeks: $250.00

8 weeks: $500.00

HCG Diet

4 weeks: $250.00

8 weeks: $500.00

Additional LLScene Discounted Treatments

Eyelash Extensions: $89.00

25% off Microneedling (Vampire Facials)

25% off Hydrafacials

LLScene Botox Party

LLScene Botox Party

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