What To Know Before Saying Yes To The Dress...

Wedding planning (particularly wedding dresses) is one of our favorite topics to blog about! We’ve been “guest blogging” with our favorite bridal boutique and new client, Wonderland Bridal, who takes pride in their one-on-one experience we offer brides with our “appointment only” policy, how great is that?! An entire wedding boutique all to yourself! This gives their brides the opportunity to have Patty & Alicyn’s undivided attention, while finalizing one of the most important decisions they will make during the wedding planning process.

There are so many important details to consider and the thought of them all tends to get a little overwhelming. So, what do you need to know or decide before stepping foot into Wonderland?

Give Yourself Time

Your wedding dress is not a decision you want to make on the spot. You may go into Wonderland knowing exactly what designer and what style dress you want to try on, but those ideas can change within a matter of seconds. Give yourself time to be indecisive, Not only do you want to give yourself plenty of time that day, but you want to shop for a dress at least up to six to seven months before your wedding day. Sure, they may have sample sizes that work perfectly for you, but you don’t want to do that to yourself. If you give yourself 3-4 months to shop, they may not be able to get your size in on time or more importantly, have your alterations completed in time. Have we performed miracles before? Of course they have, but don’t do that to yourself. Wedding planning is stressful enough.

Choose Your Crew Wisely

Be honest with yourself and with the group you bring. In our opinion, it’s best not to bring a big group of people with you, especially for your first initial appointment. You will come in with an understanding of what you’re looking for, only to be bombarded with opinions from others. We have seen confident brides turn unsure about their decision within a matter of seconds because of a small comment thrown her way. Opinions are usually all over the place and can be very counterproductive. We recommend 3-4 people at the most.

Out of Your Budget? Out of the Dressing Room

Don’t try on dresses that are out of your budget, it will ruin the moment for you. Don’t put yourself in a position, only to be disappointed and confused. We advise against trying on dresses that go outside your price range because it will be even more difficult to step back and consider other options.

Light Makeup Please!

Please, please, please keep your makeup to a minimum when trying on dresses. We understand that you want to paint the perfect picture of the way you will look on your wedding day, but it’s always best to keep it natural. Lipstick should be eliminated because it can easily transfer onto their dresses. If a dress becomes stained, they have the materials to clean them, but we prefer a light face. This will only enhance your look and excitement on your wedding day when you’re all put together.

Too Many Dresses Means Too Many Decisions

If you’re feeling overwhelmed while trying on dresses, chances are you’re trying on too many. Limit the amount of looking and spend time on the dresses that you can truly see yourself walking down the aisle in. There are so many stressful moments while wedding planning, trying on dresses is not supposed to be one of them.

Final Fitting MUST

This is probably one of the most important things we will touch upon in this post. It’s imperative that you bring a bridesmaid or reliable family member with you to your final fitting to learn how to bustle your dress. We have experienced “the bustle” moment go wrong one too many times. Their alterations company makes the bustles as easy as possible, but there is only so much a bride can do on her own when it comes to bustling. Bring someone with you and record the explanation to the bustle. You will thank us later…

Don’t Even Think About Bridesmaid Dresses

We understand why shopping for bridesmaid dresses might be appealing while you try on wedding dresses, but try not to! This is your moment, the bridesmaid dresses will be here when you come back for bridal accessories and fittings in the future. Don’t cloud your judgement!


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