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Eleven Salon & Spa's Masquerade Party!

Eleven Salon & Spa's Masquerade Party!

There’s nothing we love more than a themed party, especially when it’s done right. Being that neither of us have ever been to a masquerade party before, we couldn’t be happier to reveal the sexy masks we have in store for Eleven Salon & Spa’s Masquerade Party this Friday, November 11th. When Eleven Salon & Spa opened its doors in 2004, Delray Beach was a city in need of a sexy, swanky spa where trendsetters and influencers alike could call home (thank you)! Now, twelve years later Eleven and its founder, Nicole Oden, are celebrating their anniversary in true form with an 11/11 Masquerade Party!

Eleven Salon & Spa's Masquerade Party!

Upon the grand opening Eleven, it was imperative to founder, Nicole Oden, to honor the brave men and women that have selflessly served this nation through military service by having the event take place on Veterans Day. Twelve years later, her commitment remains the same as Eleven Salon & Spa announces their partnership with Wheels From The Heart.

Wheels From The Heart is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist single mothers in receiving or purchasing cars at a reduced rate, while providing them with reliable transportation in order to better their lives. For the past three years, Eleven Salon & Spa and Wheels From The Heart have teamed up to give away a car to an estimable Veteran who also happens to be a single mother. “We’ve had several women deserving of this opportunity, which is why we’re changing things up and surprising the Veteran on the evening of Veterans Day,Steve Muschlitz, Founder of Wheels From The Heart. In addition to the car giveaway, the International Diamond Exchange will be gifting her with diamond earrings, while Eleven Salon & Spa will a day of beauty and outfit for the recipient’s big night.

There’s something to be said about a party at Eleven. If you’ve been a part of one in the past, you get it; if you haven’t experienced one yet, here’s your chance! What more can we say without giving too much away? Well...expect a night of endless selfie opportunities, decor that will blow your mind and surprises that are out of this world.

For the first time in 11/11 history, they will be offering VIP Tickets!

Eleven Salon & Spa's Masquerade Party!

-Hosts? Nikki & Peter (the Dream Team) all night, all yours…

-Lines, not this time anywhere Ever! Valet rope Door check!

-Copious amounts of fabulous Champagne served in crystal glass... yes please!

-Powder your nose? No, we'll do that for you…

-Go to the bar? We said no lines EVER

-Choose inside or outside…Roped off cabanas just for you

-Security, he’s tall and big

-Did we mention the only bubbles for the entire night is behind the ropes?

-Fun masks that light you up!

-Go home empty handed? don’t worry you won’t…

Eleven Salon & Spa's Masquerade Party!
Eleven Salon & Spa's Masquerade Party!

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