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Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

Before we bring you our official Swim Week 2018 Recap, we want to showcase noteworthy trends that hit the runway last weekend; trends you should be on the lookout for as you shop for swimwear this season. Some we loved, some…not so much, but that’s what we’re here for!

There’s nothing better than seeing a designers vision come together on a runway, especially when those designers stick to the same up and coming trends, but do it differently.

Sleeves on Swim

Our favorite 2018 trend, so we’re talking about it first. You won’t be able to walk into a boutique or department store to shop for a bathing suit without seeing sleeves, and we’re 100% okay with that. Let’s face it, girls don’t always love their arms, so this gives us all an opportunity to hide and flatter our arms without making it look that way. Our favorite way to wear this trend would have to be the off-the-shoulder ruffled look, but you can wear it in so many other ways as well. We don’t recommend this trend if your main objective is to tan - those would be some awkward tan lines. The “sleeves on swim’ trend is for the ladies planning a Vegas girls trip or something that requires an easy transition from swimwear to coverup. Embrace it, love it, because it’s here to stay.

Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

L to R: Tavik, Mia Marcelle, Baes & Bikinis

V is for Velvet

Weird huh? Velvet and swimwear don’t usually go hand-in-hand but that’s about to change. We've seen a lot of fall/winter trends like this transition into swimwear this year. From what we saw on the runway, the velvet falls nicely on the body, but looks a little thick and hard to manage with movement. It’s a welcomed fabric alternative for all the emerging fashionistas out there, but is something we would have to try on first.

Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

L to R: Baes & Bikinis (1-3), Mia Marcelle (4-5)

Pantone Party Perfect

Just as we expected, Rose Quartz and Serenity made an appearance in swimwear this year! These are two colors we love separately, but also together. As you can see they blend nicely and compliment their own personal undertones. If you start to see these colors in your swimwear shopping travels, go for it!

Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

L TO R: Tavik, Duskii, Versakini, Frankie's Bikinis, Sports Illustrated Swim Collection, Gottex

Fun in Floral

It’s not a blog post about trends unless we mention floral, and it was out in full force during Swim Week. There wasn't a 2018 collection we saw that didn't have at least one hint of floral in it. Keep it fun and flirty with floral swimsuits, we certainly plan on it!

Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

L to R: Hot-As-Hell, Prey Swim, KAOHS, Duskii, Hammock

Lace is a Waste

Eh. Not a fan. Not functional. Not for us. We’ve never encouraged or embraced “lingerie” as something you should wear as swimwear. We get the appeal for some people, but quite honestly think it can look trashy, if not done correctly. It’s perfectly fine to wear lace as a coverup, but when it comes to swimwear you have to be really careful. The only lace look we can get behind would have to be the Gottex swimsuit on the far right.

Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

L to R: INDAH, Baes & Bikinis, Hot-As-Hell, Gottex

Gold & Metallics

All gold everything is what we like to say! Yes, yes, so much yes. Shine your way into bikini season with gold and metallic undertones because you really can’t go wrong here. We particularly like metallics as a one piece because you can fully appreciate and take in the detailing of the fabric.

Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

L to R: Versakini, INDAH, Mia Marcelle, Sports Illustrated Swim Collection, Gottex

No Fear in Sheer

Sheer paneling is something we love this season because it creates an illusion without showing too much skin. We’ve embraced this style in our fitness wear and love that it’s making an appearance in swimwear as well. This eye catching trend will make a sexy statement, but cover the necessities as well.

Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

L to R: Mia Marcelle, Minimale Animale, Sports Illustrated Swim Collection, Gottex, Hot-As-Hell

Suspenders and Bungees

Not really the functional look we can get behind in the world of swim, but we still appreciate it. We don’t HATE this trend, we just don’t have a need for it. If we were going to wear one of these looks it would be the second from the left by Prey Swim. If you’re looking for a sexy way to show off your curves with a little coverage, you will want to embrace this trend. Just don’t go too overboard.

Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

L to R: Baes & Bikinis, Prey Swim, Hot-As-Hell, Hot-As-Hell, INDAH

Mommy (Daddy) and Me!

Who doesn’t love a good mommy and me moment? More than ever, we’re seeing mommy (or daddy) and me sets in swimwear. Parents are hotter than ever and more on trend these days. Brands know this, which is why saw ton of mommy and daddy and me duos on the runway. When we become moms, we guarantee to embrace this trend.

Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

L to R: Duskii, Hot-As-Hell, Lila Nikole

Swim Week Trends to Look Out For

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