LLScene's Wedding Dress Code 101

LLScene's Wedding Dress Code 101

Ohh the age old question, what is okay (and not okay) to wear to a wedding. We get SO many questions when it comes to this topic, "I've got a black tie wedding coming up, what in the world do I wear?" Well, we got with our friends at Wonderland Bridal to bring you today's post because it's an important one. You don't want to be "that girl" or guy for that matter, do you?


First and foremost, let’s start with the obvious. Don’t wear white. Just don’t do it. Don’t even think or consider the thought of wearing white or any color close to white. Unless the bride specifically states she wants every single one of her guests wearing white in her invitation, don’t do it. Not only will the bride shake her head and roll her eyes, her guests will be talking about you all night long.

LLScene's Wedding Dress Code 101

In addition to the actual wedding day, don’t wear white to any wedding festivities as well. This means engagement parties, bachelorette parties, showers, rehearsal dinners, brunches...etc.

Don’t even wear a color that is close to white. If you have to ask “is this color too close to white?” then you’ve answered your own question. Steer clear of beige, champagne, cream, off-white, or any other super light color that could be mistaken for white. Even light yellows and pinks/blush can be tricky. You don’t want to take a picture, post it on social media and have people think you were THAT girl who wore white to someone’s wedding.


This isn’t a make or break situation, but if you can avoid wearing the color or style of the bridesmaid dresses you should. These days with all of the mismatching bridal trends, it’s hard to accomplish this, so don’t beat yourself up if you have already done this.

LLScene's Wedding Dress Code 101


This is the most formal dress code out there, so you don’t want to mess around.

Ladies: You’ll hear that a cocktail dress can be okay for a black tie wedding, but we don’t always agree with that. Depending on the length and look of the dress you can, but we’d rather not take that chance. If you’re attending a black tie wedding just wear a floor length dress. We’re not saying a full on ball gown - unless that’s something you want to wear. There are so many options out there and at Wonderland Bridal that you will be sure to find something that is affordable and adorable!

LLScene's Wedding Dress Code 101

Fellas: Same sentiment. Don’t take the chance of being underdressed. You should be wearing a tuxedo. Again, there are so many options out there for you to remain fashionable and dressed appropriate for the integrity of the wedding you’re attending.

Black Ball Gown

Chanel Clutch

Cartier Love Bracelet

Black Louboutins

LLScene's Wedding Dress Code 101

Armani Giorgio Tuxedo

Calvin Klein​ Men's Bernard Tuxedo Shoes

Surf Stitch Watch

Dolce & Gabbana Bowtie

Formal Kington Silk Suspenders


Ladies: If you ask a lot of wedding stylists out there, they will say you shouldn’t wear anything but a floor length dress under these dress code terms as well, but we don’t necessarily agree with that. This is where your chic cocktail dress can come into play. Consider the length and formality of what the bridesmaids are wearing and venue where the wedding is being held to help you make this decision.

LLScene's Wedding Dress Code 101

Alexander McQueen Silk Chiffon Bandeau Gown BCBG Emerald Green Cocktail Dress

Disco Dangle Earrings

Michael Kors Clutch

Gianvito Rossi Metallic High Sandals

Fellas: Another wedding you should consider wearing a tux to. If not a tux, consider a formal dark suit and tie.

LLScene's Wedding Dress Code 101

Paul Smith Wool-Mohair Three Piece Suit

Clarks Plain Shoes

Brown Leather Belt

Matte Black Glasses

Yellow Bowtie


Ladies: This dress code can be intimidating in a way because of the amount of options out there. Dress somewhere in between formal and casual - for a lack of a better word. Consider the time of day the wedding is taking place. For a morning to afternoon wedding, consider pastels and light fabric. For an evening wedding opt for darker formal hues.

LLScene's Wedding Dress Code 101

Topshop Floral Jacquard Prom Midi Dress

Eva Crocheted Leather Wedge Sandals

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips

Sole Society Clutch

Kendra Scott Earrings

Fellas: Consider dress pants, linen pants - if you're going to a beach wedding, and pair them with a button down shirt or polo.

LLScene's Wedding Dress Code 101

Gucci Trousers

Louis Vuitton Key Holder

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Valentino Dress Shirt

Men's Black Belt

Giorgio Armani Bit Loafer (Black) Men's Slip on Shoes

We certainly hope we have cleared up any of your questions and concerns regarding dress codes at weddings. It can be a very tricky and sensitive topic for people, so return back to this blog post if you ever have any questions in the future. That’s what we are here for!

LLScene's Wedding Dress Code 101


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