A #SceneWorthy Interview with the designer of Cinq a Sept

By now, you know all about our time at the Junior League of Boca Raton's Woman Volunteer of the Year. But, one of the biggest highlights of our day there was being one of the four media outlets to meet and interview Jane Siskin, the face and designer behind Cinq a Sept during the "after party" at the Boca Raton Resort's Palm Court. After sitting through the Saks Fifth Avenue Boa Raton's fashion presentation of Cinq a Sept during the luncheon, we needed to know everything about her style and inspiration behind the brand. Here are some highlights from our interview with her.

LLScene: “You have so many eclectic looks, but they still speak to the professional women of Boca Raton. Where does your inspiration come from?”

Jane Siskin: “That’s a big question. It comes from so many difference places. We pulled together a lot of different ideas from a lot of different places. We speak to our customer all the time to find out what she needs, where she’s going, what she wants to wear, what she feels good in and what she is looking for in a garment. Then, the inspiration comes from traveling and doing research. Every year we go on at least one inspiration trip, and last year we went to Italy. The collection you saw today was inspired by our trip to Italy. We are inspired by things like color, sculptures, gardens and trees. Everything we do, see and experience becomes the inspiration behind each collection.”

LLScene: “Where is your favorite place to visit as a point of inspiration?”

Jane Siskin: “That’s really hard to say. I have so many favorite places. I love Paris, which is why the brand has a french name, so I have to say that Paris is my favorite. The light in Paris is different than the light anywhere else. The way the architecture is in contrast with the color of the sky and the water, it’s incredible. I will always say Paris.”

LLScene: “We loved every category of your show today, especially the “POWER WOMEN” section. What would you say is your favorite look, style or piece of clothing from your show this morning?”

Jane Siskin: “My favorite looks are always the ones that are more casual because that is who I am. I like to feel chic and casual at the same time, so the looks that were paired with a leather jacket The jacket we gave away as a prize is one of my favorites. The pant with the ruffle at the bottom was another one. Those are my personal favorite looks, but I appreciate and love the gowns and sexy dresses as well.”

LLScene: “Who is the Cinq a Sept girl?”

Jane Siskin: “You guys are! When we talk about who the Cinq a Sept girl is, she’s anywhere from 28-35 she has an active lifestyle, she likes to have fun, experience new things, look pretty - but not necessarily dressed up. When people ask me what I do and about my mission I say we design and manufacture beautiful things that make women feel beautiful. That is how we roll.”

LLScene: “So, what’s next?”

Jane Siskin: “We’re going into footwear for sure, we’re working on it right now. One of shoes in our presentation this morning. Those are shoes we actually bought and customized with the ribbon. Shoes are my favorite thing, personally. I have a shoe obsession. I’m going to learn about the shoe business, but I have a pretty good instinct about what the next item will be. It won't be knock-offs of other people’s shoes I can tell you that. We’re looking at other categories for the brand as well. We’re very inspired by the whole lifestyle, maybe things for the home. We want to open some stores in the next year or two. When we’re all done with that one of these days I want to create a brand that is my personal aesthetic for women my age, but that is more down the road.”

Not only is Jane one of the most fabulous women we’ve ever met, she was also sweet and took the time to truly answer our long list of questions. Here are some of the Cinq a Sept looks that caught our eye during her runway show.

Thank you again to the Junior League of Boca Raton and Saks Fifth Avenue Boca Raton for giving us the opportunity to interview Jane Siskin!


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