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Five Products You Can't Live Without in 2019

Five Products You Can't Live Without in 2019

We understand it might be a little late for these "2019 New Year, New Me" posts, but we've become inspired because of these products and feel the need to spread the love. That being said, you need to know about the products and companies we can’t live without in 2019 because they will enhance your image, increase your productivity and ensure a successful year ahead.

My Skin Buddy

Five Products You Can't Live Without in 2019

TGFMSB (Thank God for My Skin Buddy) because this product has saved us from multiple breakouts during the holiday season while adding an anti-aging component as well. If you don’t already know, LED Light Therapy is all the rage in the skincare industry right now, and My Skin Buddy is the end-all, be-all when it comes to LED Light Therapy. With six ready-to-go settings, My Skin Buddy has an LED light for all our favorite skin issues:

Deep Cleansing and Exfoliation

Acne Treatment and Prevention

Calming and Skin Brightening

Skin Rejuvenation

Multi-Symptom Mode

Photosensitive Mode

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream

Five Products You Can't Live Without in 2019

Say goodbye to lines and dark under-eyes because Ole Henriksen has all the answers. We have been using their Banana Bright Eye Cream for about three weeks now and already notice a significant difference in the brightness and overall appearance of the skin under our eyes. This collagen-boosted cream firms and deeply hydrates the skin while illuminating your eye area over time.

My Favorite Hair Tie

Five Products You Can't Live Without in 2019

Have we broken our workout resolutions yet? Well, maybe My Favorite Hair Tie can help you get back into the swing of things. My Favorite Hair Tie is the next big thing in spiral hair ties. Unlike the other spiral hair ties in the industry, My Favorite Hair Tie offers eco-friendly hair ties in every hair color that leaves no trace of a dent, tangle or breakage of the hair. Perfect for moms, fitness enthusiasts, and women looking for something a little more glamorous in a hair tie. No matter how hard or soft you plan on working out, My Favorite Hair Tie will keep you secure. Our favorite spin instructors and trainers are believers in this brand, so we know you will be too.

Use our promo code: LLSCENE10 for 10% off!

EVER Skin Care

Five Products You Can't Live Without in 2019

Hey pretty young thangs! We were recently introduced to Dana Hanna, a Vice President and National Team Leader at EVER Skin and we couldn’t be happier to know her. You know when you just click with people? Like, they just get it? That is how it is with Dana, so when she introduced us to EVER’s Pretty Young Trio, we knew it would be the perfect regimen to implement into our skin care routine. This 3-step skincare regimen promotes a beautifully clean complexion targeting visible pores, dryness, dullness and uneven skin tone.

This is modern beauty for all generations of pretty! Introducing a high-tech trio that simplifies the art of skincare with its radiance-boosting benefits and powerful superfood ingredients including Watermelon, Turmeric, prebiotics and probiotics. For beautifully healthy skin inside and out.

Your Regimen includes:




It’s the best. Here is where you can buy the trio for yourselves.

The Dyson Blow Dryer

Five Products You Can't Live Without in 2019

Buckle up ladies and gents because this is an investment you’ll be thanking us for until the end of time. Will you pay $400 for a blow dryer? You just may after reading this. We recently got our hands on two Dyson blow dryers and our lives have never been the same since - in the best way possible. Where do we start? We were introduced to the Dyson blow dryer years ago at Cloud 10 Blow Dry & Beauty Salon in Delray Beach as one of the exclusive professional beauty vendors to carry the device and have wanted to get our hands on one ever since. Not only does it cut our getting ready time in half, it smooths, volumizes and keeps our hair bouncy and healthy under any condition. Yes, it’s worth the $400 investment.

Five Products You Can't Live Without in 2019

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