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Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now

Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now
Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now

By now you probably understand our obsession with The BoHa Studio in Boca Raton, and there’s no better time than now to start implementing yoga and meditation into your daily routine. We were introduced to The BoHa Studio because we were looking for a yoga studio in South Florida that provided non-heated classes that didn’t exceed 60 minutes, it was when we entered the studio when we truly felt at home. In plain terms, The BoHa Studio meets our vibe in every way possible. The studio is clean, cool, comfortable, and not so “in-your-face” yoga if you know what we mean.

Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now

In addition to the vibe being on-brand with us, the instructors are too. They GET it and don’t push you to do poses and moves you’re not comfortable doing. They encourage everyone to go at their own pace while helping you improve your skills. Our favorite yoga class at The BoHa Studio is Vinyasa because it’s perfect for us beginners, but also challenges us and gives us a great workout. See below for all of their classes and descriptions!

Check out our YouTube Channel for a video of Lindsey giving you a first-hand look into The BoHa Studio!

Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now
Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now

We were never much of “yogis” until we found The BoHa Studio and we couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to SAFELY attend their classes during these crazy times. There are so many fitness studios in South Florida reopening and not abiding by the new regulations, which is disgusting, so The BoHa Studio is one of the only places we actually feel comfortable going to and we would never recommend them to our friends and followers if we didn’t feel that way.

Here are some of the safety precautions they’re taking that surprisingly other studios in the area are ignoring…

Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now

Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now
Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now
Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now

Classes at The BoHa Studio:


With Slow Flow you are able to slow down in order to deepen your practice. The class combines Vinyasa yoga and Hatha yoga, except with fewer transitions and more flow. This combination allows you to enjoy the gentle rhythm of a flow class while finding relaxation and alignment between breath and movement.


Yin Yoga appears as a simple practice incorporating postures that are held for longer periods (about 45 seconds to two minutes). Underneath, the tissues and muscles of the body benefit from a subtle release that leads to a better range of motion, while the mind benefits from the stillness that promotes anxiety relief and meditation.


BoHa’s Vin to Yin brings together the benefits of Vinyasa and Yin yoga. You’ll spend the first portion of the class in standing poses, which will heat up the body and create awareness of breath before you move into relaxing floor poses for the remainder of the class.


Vinyasa is often referred to as “flow” yoga because it brings you through a range of postures that are strung together, encouraging you to use your breath to move through them seamlessly. This class is the most fast-paced of all the yoga styles.


Your Meditative Flow class is a relaxed flow, designed to get rid of mental and physical stress while body and mind get stronger, more flexible, and balanced.


Your BoHa Sculpt class will start and end with meditation while focusing on toning muscles with lightweights in between. It’s the best of both worlds.


This class is a fixed sequence that is taught in the same order in each class. It is designed for students who prefer to know exactly what comes next.


Your Back to Basics class is a great place to build confidence in your practice. It incorporates fundamental yoga poses to begin to build the foundation of your practice, including connecting breath with movement.

Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now

We’re all struggling with our mental health these days and if you’re not you’re lying to yourself. Try something different and think outside the box because we can promise you that one small change in your daily routine that includes implementing a class at The BoHa Studio will change your life. Yes, we said it, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! AND they have a new summer special going on, their Drop-In Class is only $12 and their Monthly Unlimited Summer Special is $89! If you’re not comfortable attending classes at the studio just yet, sit tight because they will be implementing LIVE Zoom classes within the next 1-2 weeks you can stream from home. Learn more about The BoHa Studio at or if you have ClassPass and love it as much as we do, click here, to sign up for your classes at The BoHa Studio!

Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now

The BoHa Studio

5999 N Federal Hwy, Suite #3 Boca Raton, FL 33487

(561) 717 - 4900

Why We All Need The BoHa Studio Right Now

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