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Bachelorette Mondays

As we prepare for 'fantasy suite' night, may we all reflect on how far we have come since the days of Juan Pablo. How much do you all LOVE Andi? We can assure you that Andi is 100% LLScene approved, which is why we really want her to actually find love at the end of this.

Who will it be? Retired professional athlete, Josh Murray? We like the IDEA of him and Andi, but don't see forever after she expressed her distaste for the 'football sister-in-law' lifestyle.


Farmer Chris? She thinks your tractor's sexy, but it doesn't turn her on. Andi put on a brave face when she respectfully told Chris's mom she would consider packing up her lawyer city lifestyle and move to the farm.


It's no secret that Nick is an LLScene favorite. Andi's effortless bond with his little sister had us planning their first trip to Disney World together. There's something we find so irresistible about Nick, however Andi's undeniable connection with Josh has us a little worried.


We predict that Nick and Josh end up going head to head for the final rose. Good luck Andi!

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