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2014 is the year for weddings for LLScene. If we don't have a bridal client wedding, we are attending weddings of our closest friends and family this year. This Wedding Wednesday we are featuring JKreations2013, this company served as the best photo backdrop this past weekend in Key West!


JKreations2013 provides banners, signage, and stationery products for any life milestone. is home to JKreations so you're able to order directly and easily. All order are handmade, shipped WORLD WIDE, and made to order. JKreations' products are all custom made and personalized to each individual client's liking. We are in love with how creative and personalized you can get with these!


LLScene couldn't wait to get to know Amy, the visionary behind this innovative concept. We love how real she gets as she shares her story of success with us. The support of Amy husband and family will leave you with chills!

LLScene: How & why did you want to start your own company?

JKreations:As corny as this may sound, its mainly because of my husband. I have talked for years about starting something, anything, and I was never sure what I wanted to do. He came home from work one day - with a little fancy machine for me. Told me it was a gift, and to make sure I put it to good use. He did some research for a while I guess, and drove himself down to a little famous scrapbooking store in Miami! You see, he was most likely tired of seeing me pay for stuff on the internet { mostly Etsy } that I could clearly do myself. I had just got done planning and throwing my best friends bridal shower - where I purchased and used everything personalized. I grew up crafty, have scrapbooked my whole life and am always doing stuff for friends and family. So basically, he gave me that push I needed to to go ahead and do something that I love and I am good at….Which honestly, Why not get paid for too? :)


LLScene: What is your favorite part about owning JKreations?

JKreations2013: My favorite part…well, that its all mine { and maybe half his too }. In all seriousness, its something that is mine, that can never be taken away from me. Something that I started on my own, and created from the ground up. Something I can be so proud of, and do whatever I want with. I also just love the fact I make people excited about something so simple as a banner that says their wedding date on it!


LLScene: Tell us about your family!

JKreations2013: My family, my number 1 priority. They are pretty amazing. My husband Todd, who’s pretty handsome I might add, and I have been together for 8 years now, married 5 this year. We attended the same high school, where I was way too cool for him, or so I thought (I’m kidding). Thanks to MySpace, remember that cool website, well, a few messages later and here we are. We have 2 really crazy, I mean cute, children. Jordyn, a little girl, who just turned 5 - and Kole, a little stud who will be 3 in November. They are all my life and I am so thankful for them everyday. We also have really awesome parents, which has helped us create a really awesome little family :)


LLScene: As wedding planners, we are big fans of Etsy. Tell us why you love using Etsy as a business owner.

JKreations2013: My favorite thing about selling on Etsy is for such a small price to pay, they really do a lot of the leg work for you! Don’t get me wrong, I still have to do everything you can think of, theres paperwork involved, emails, bookkeeping and lots of the normal business stuff, but unlike a website you run, they take care of a huge portion of the “ purchasing and selling” end. I also absolutely love the fact I have orders from all around the world. Sometimes its so surreal to me. Someone, anywhere shopping on can type in something they are searching for, and my shop pops up. My little shop, inside my home office in Lake Worth, Florida. Pretty cool if you ask me :)


We can't thank Amy enough for the beautiful banner she made for our bachelorette, it was the perfect addition for the weekend. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with JKreations as we celebrate future life occasions!

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