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Dolphins Cheerleader Calendar Unveiling

We love interviewing clients and fellow business owners in the community, but it's a real treat when LLScene can interview one of their very own. As we prep for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleader 2015 Calendar Unveiling, Lindsey interviews fellow LLScene founder, Lilly Robbins, on her experiences as a dolphins cheerleader cover girl.


LS: Aside from traveling to paradise, what was your favorite part about your calendar shoots?

LR: There is nothing like traveling to a new place with 20 of your closest girlfriends! Every year we always got to be a part of different excursions, my favorite was zip-lining in St. Martin!


LS: How many calendars did you appear in when cheering for the dolphins?

LR: Five

Lilly Robbins.jpg

LS: How are the 2015 calendar nominees feeling this week as they prepare for Saturdays big unveiling?

LR: Nervous/anxious/excited! There is no better adrenalin then hitting that runway stage!

LS: What was your favorite part about the calendar unveiling?

LR: Waiting for them to reveal the cover was always so exciting!


LS: What are you looking forward to most for this Saturday as an alum?

LR: Evey year there is usually a different theme to the show, so very excited to see what they have come up with this year!


LS: Which calendar was your favorite?

LR: Hard to pick just one, however 2010 was definitely one of them, St Martin was such a beautiful location.


LS: Every Dolphins Cheerleader calendar comes with a great musical parody, any inside scoop into what will come about this year?

LR: I wish I did know! They're usually really good about keeping it 'hush hush'!

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