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Emmy Red Carpet Fashion

Tonight is one of our favorite award show nights, the 2014 Emmy Awards! Why we love the Emmy Awards you ask? That’s simple, we LOVE our shows at LLScene. There’s no better feeling than knowing a fall season premier and weekly TV lineup is in our near future.

Something we might love even more than our television shows, red carpet fashion. This is the official kick off to award season, which means the celebs don’t hold anything back.

LLScene’s 2013 Best Dressed


This year, we are thinking that House of Card’s, Kate Mara, Modern Family’s Sophia Vergara, and Scandal’s Kerry Washington will be our leading lady choices for best dressed.


In the male fashion category, we have four words for you, Don Draper and John Snow.

Who are looking forward to seeing on the Red Carpet this year?


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