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#SceneGirl Takes Cali

We have some pretty fabulous friends, which is why we decided to implement #SceneGirl to LLScene, The Lifestyle Blog. We have friends in all different places in their lives; getting married, traveling, living single in the city, having babies, and so much more! Our #SceneGirl series will simply spotlight the latest and greatest of a 20 something looking for a little more in life!

You'll meet Lauren today, who just got back from a trip to Wine Country with her boyfriend Dan! She covers all of the 'must see' and 'must not see' from her West Coast journey.


I consider myself a moderately traveled person. While not a completely sheltered 25 year old, I am also not a world traveler quite yet. As a former New Yorker and now (more than likely) permanent Floridian – I can firmly say I know the east coast of the United States pretty well. I can also cross destinations like Mexico, Bermuda, Jamaica & the Florida Keys off of my travel bucket list. However, until last week, I had yet to experience the “Golden State” of California.

#SanFrancisco For our 25th birthdays, my boyfriend and I decided to avoid the quarter life crisis and book a trip to San Francisco, Napa Valley and Sonoma. As a first timer arriving in San Francisco, I expected to walk into a cross between an episode of Full House and a Rice-A-Roni commercial… and that’s exactly what I got! Rows and rows of multi-colored Victorian houses lined the steep, hilly streets… trolleys and cable cars with travelers holding the handrails buzzed by… I swear the only thing missing was Uncle Jesse.

Here’s a list of my must-see and must-eat spots for any San Fran first-timer:

. Golden Gate Bridge

After two days in San Fran we hopped in our compact-economy rental car and headed to wine country. Napa and Sonoma exceeded my every expectation. There is no combination of words or photos that can do their beauty justice. Each winery tour was unique in it’s own way. At William Hill Estate, we were left on our own to tour the vineyard, sample the grapes and pose for countless photo ops. Following the self-guided tour was a tasting, which lead to a good buzz and a trip to the gift shop.


Next stop was in Sonoma County to MacMurray Ranch. We were taken around the property in a Jeep Wrangler by one of the representatives there, stopping along the way to take in the views and sample a variety of wine. There is so much history in this specific property, which was previously owned by American actor, Fred MacMurray. I felt like I was getting an unforgettable mobile tour as well as an uncommonly interesting history lesson.


#WestCoastTheBestCoast? Being that I have so much more West Coast to see and explore – it would be irrelevant for me to partake in the debate of “West Coast vs. East Coast.” However, aside from the six-hour flight, I have nothing but positive things to say about my five day West Coast rendezvous. The weather, the people, the food – all contributed to unforgettable memories and experiences. I hope my 26th birthday brings me a trip to Los Angeles, Santa Monica & Malibu – stay tuned!

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