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Try it Tuesday: BiziBubble Box

Let’s be honest, we are never excited about that inevitable monthly gift, until now! We are so excited to introduce you all the amazing company, BiziBubble. We have tried the Birchbox, Bark Box, Glossy Box...etc. Nothing even comes close to BiziBubble.


BiziBubble are feminine products that are delivered right to your door. It takes the hassle out of that dreaded time of the month and makes it a little more enjoyable. BiziBubble is a subscription service where women can get their feminine hygiene products delivered to their door automatically every month. They are able to customize EXACTLY what they need each month without having too many unwanted sizes or quantities left over. There’s nothing we love more than convenience, and BiziBubble can give you this every month. Each box comes with a client's customized order of pads and tamppons, as well as the best new beauty bonus items. This month we received Luka Cosmetic's organic mascara, Kopa Haiku's organic aroma mist, and T Spheres Massage Balls (perfect for cramps!). The massage balls have been featured in Oprah Magazine and RedBook! There’s nothing we love more than convenience, and BiziBubble can give you this every month.



BiziBubble gave us everything we need and more to get through that lovely time of the month, with a smile on our faces. If you sign up for your monthly gift today, you can receive your first month for free! This offer isn't going to last forever, so make sure to register today.


Celebrate the launch of BiziBubble with us Wednesday, October 1 from 7-9pm at Peter Mark Salon in Delray Beach!

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