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Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid For Hire

It takes a lot to shock us here at LLScene, and we have to admit that when we heard about the company, Bridesmaid for Hire, we were a little shocked - in a good way! After standing beside so many brides, Jen Glantz took her bridesmaid expertise, and turned it into a full on career, being the first ever ‘professional bridesmaid’ with her new business Bridesmaid For Hire.


Being ‘Day of Coordinators’ ourselves, we know how stressful a wedding day can be. We wish it were possible to be with the bride 24/7, but sometimes that just isn’t possible on the day of a wedding. Bridesmaid For Hire brings you a wedding professional and a new best friend, who caters and assists you before, during and after your big day.


Lilly just went through being a bridesmaid in Lindsey’s wedding, so they were so excited to learn more about this concept and Jen’s journey. Bridesman For Hire has gained instant success and publicity as they have been featured on Good Morning America, the Steve Harvey Show, USA Today, HLN, and other local and national news outlets.


Hire a bridesmaid, it makes life easier on your friends.

LLScene: How did you come with the idea to start Bridesmaid for Hire?

Jen: After standing beside so many brides throughout their wedding planning process over the past couple of years, I witnessed firsthand the stress that brides experience and decided that there was a need in the bridal industry that wasn’t being fulfilled yet. That’s why I decided to write the Craigslist ad offering my services as a professional bridesmaid and after I received an overwhelming response, I decided to turn it into a business.

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LLScene: How many weddings have you been a hired bridesmaid for?

Jen: I started my business in July 2014 - and I just finished my first wedding as a professional bridesmaid in Minnesota for a lovely bride named Ashley. Ashley hired me after she had to "reorganize" her bridal party, since some of the members were not being supportive of her. Working her was an awesome experience and my own self proof that I do have the knowledge, the experience and the guts to be a bridesmaid for hire.


LLScene: What is the weirdest thing you have experienced being a bridesmaid for hire?

Jen: Brides want their wedding day to be absolutely perfect. Can you blame them? This is a day they have likely been dreaming of since they were wearing training bras. Sometimes brides will ask for very weird things to be done in the name of perfection - and as a professional bridesmaid you have to take a step back and understand that to you it might seem like something so insignificant, but to them it's everything.

LLScene: Any special or humbling moments you experienced as a bridesmaid for hire?

Jen: When I was in the wedding last week, I was the last person the bride spoke with before she walked down the aisle. As I fluffed the edges of her delicate dress and made sure her veil laid perfectly behind her. I told her to take a deep breathe and remember to remember the moments ahead of her - as she'll cherish them for the rest of her life. To have that honor and to be there with the bride right before she takes her first giant leap toward "I Do" was such a rewarding and beautiful moment.


LLScene: Where do you see Bridesmaid for Hire going in the future?

Jen: In just two months, I've had over 400 women from around the world apply to work for us as a professional bridesmaid. Very soon, we'll expand and hire on a force of extraordinary women - and even men. Soon, I imagine, having a professional bridesmaid at your wedding will be as standard as having a wedding planner there.

LLScene: Tell us about your book.

Jen: My book is called All My Friends are Engaged and I wrote it last year when I realized that all of a sudden every single person I knew was getting engaged. It's a collection of short humorous stories that explore the trenches of my very own personal dating life.


LLScene: What is the hardest part about being a bridesmaid for hire?

Jen: When the wedding ends and the guests leave and you hug the bride goodbye - it's very bittersweet. You're thrilled that it's over and you're tired self can go to bed - but you're sad because over the past few months of working with the bride, you've become a huge part of her life and have been there to support, guide and push her through challenging situations.


LLScene: How was it auditioning for The Bachelor?

Jen: It was an adventure! I figured why not! I tried every other conventional way of dating: online dating, being set up by my friends, meeting guys out at bars. I didn't know if i'd find love - or even just find out a little bit more of myself. I'm a big advocate in doing things that freak you out and that you don't think you have the courage to do. After my audition, I left there feeling on top of the world - even though I didn't get called back and I had lipstick all over my teeth when they filmed me. It was a personal triumph.

LLScene: You are so successful and driven at such a young age, what motivated you to take charge of your future?

Jen: I graduated from college without the slightest idea of what to do next - which was truly a blessing because then I just did anything. The more mistakes you make at a young age, the more you come to realize what you want. And once you're set on what you want - you have to understand that yes, it is possible to go out and get it. I learned that slowly - through extreme persistence and witnessing what happened when I refused to give up. Once I got a tiny glimpse of that, I decided to keep running full speed toward my crazy dreams.


LLScene: We absolutely love your tone and wit, what advice would you give younger generations that are interested in becoming a published writer?

Jen: It's easy, my friends: write. Quit dreaming up a grocery list of excuses and start writing. At first, it'll be terrible. It'll be embarrassing and no one will read it - except your mom and your best friend from the 7th grade. Expect that, push through that, understand that. Success growths with you and within you.


Jen Glantz is the author of the novel, All My Friends are Engaged. She’s exposed the intimate details of her dating, career, and personal life on her website The Things I Learned From for the past three years. Most recently, her “professional bridesmaid” ad from Craigslist went viral within 48 hours – and became an overnight business.

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