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Jolie Bloom

Now that we are approaching a time in our lives where the thought of children isn’t so foreign or scary, we are thankful to have businesses around like Jolie Bloom! Not only is founder, Jhéanell Adams the sweetest human being we have ever met, but she is a certified skincare specialist and former celebrity makeup artist, which means we will listen to anything she has to say. Passionate about implementing a healthy way of life, Jhéanell’s beauty products provide an eco-luxe line of products that put the fun into a green lifestyle.


There is nothing we love more than a relaxing bath paired with a glass of wine and good book after a long day. Jolie Bloom’s ‘Be Still Bath Tea’ contains Colloidal Oatmeal, which aids as a gentle cleanser while providing moisture to the skin. It’s also scented with lavender, which is an LLScene ‘go to’ when it comes to a night of rest and relaxation.

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What goes best with a long bath? Jolie Bloom’s ‘Take it Easy’ soy candle, a lavender and chamomile scent that will bring true peace as you relax your day away.


Jolie Bloom’s ‘Summer Time Shine’ moisturizer is a lotion that your skin will drink up and crave more. This lotion doesn’t contain water in its ingredients. Because “Summer Time Shine” has no fillers, your skin will penetrated by natural high quality ingredients that will impress you beyond measure. Your body will thank you for this one!

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A Belly Love party isn't complete without our favorite, Melissa from Mom, Baby and Beyond!


We put an LLScene stamp of approval for Jolie Bloom. Whether you’re looking for safe beauty products for yourself, or your growing family, you wont regret the life changing experience you get with Jolie Bloom!


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