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#SceneGirl - Steph in the City

One of our favorite things about the #SceneGirl series is the fact that we feature all life stages of a 20 something looking for a little more in life. Today's post spotlights our party girl, soul sister, Stephanie. Being our token 'city girl', we plan on featuring Steph frequently as a #SceneGirl.

You'll get a glimpse into Steph's NYC lifestyle, but not before we feature her girls trip to Vegas.


This was my first trip to Vegas where I was over the age of 21, and got to experience what Vegas is all about. There were seven girls in our group so you can imagine how getting ready for a night out must have been. However, we managed to pull ourselves together enough to make it to three pool parties and four nights out (still unsure how we did that).


We were there to celebrate my friend Gabriela’s 24th birthday and the start of Summer Splash. Summer Splash is an all inclusive Vegas party weekend, which includes hotel accommodations, VIP access to the hottest pool parties, and nightclubs. Staying at the MGM Grand, we were HIGHLY disappointed that Britney Spears was performing that weekend.


Friday began with Flash Tattoos and a daybed at Encore to celebrate Gab. The 100 degree weather wasn’t easy, but also wasn’t a surprise being that we were all from South Florida. There were pool parties upon pool parties, power naps, and long nights out.


My personal highlights of the weekend? A pool party at Wet Republic for Hardwell, and a night out at Marquee for Kaskade. A tip for you 20 somethings traveling to Vegas: if you’re with a group of seven pretty girls, use it to your advantage and don’t feel bad about it. For example, that Friday night, we decided to part ways with the Summer Splash crowd. In true NYC fashion, we began to parade around a table of older men until they invited us into their VIP. Surprisingly, this ended up being one of the best nights in Vegas. The men spoiled us rotten and partied harder than most guys our age. You haven’t lived until you’ve been ordered to throw $500 cash off a balcony into a crowd like we were. That one even surprised our birthday girl.


#SceneGirl Spots:


Wet Republic

You know a trip to Vegas was a success when you can honestly say that you don’t want to go back for awhile. Next trip? It looks like I’ll be following in #SceneGirlLauren’s footsteps with a trip to Napa Valley.

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