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#SceneMom - Modern Boca Mom does Halloween

You can't really count on the LLScene girls to give new mommies advice when it comes to children's Halloween costumes...yet. We are still at the point where Halloween involves lavish parties, lots of alcohol, creative costumes, and tons of cleavage (although that part has died down recently). That being said, we are lucky to have people like Modern Boca Mom to prep us for what is to come in the future.

Modern Boca Mom is a South Florida lifestyle 'mom networking' blog owned by Michelle Olson-Rogers. After relocating to Boca from NYC as a full-time publicist and mom, Michelle yearned for an outlet that provided South Florida moms with things to do together with their children, which is where Modern Boca Mom came in! Since the launch of MBM, Michelle has had tremendous success, and we couldn't be happier to feature her as our first #SceneMom. We can only hope to have the same love, wit and sense of humor toward becoming a mom one day!

#SceneMom Conquers Halloween

Pre-mommyhood in NYC, I always considered the Halloween “Horror-Day” season to be really fun, full of no-pressure costume creativity, cocktails with dry ice and tipsy pumpkin-carving parties. October always previewed the cooler weather to come, but never fully revealed how long and awful winter was going to be.

It was a great month to live in New York City with or without (but mostly without) children.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 8.33.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 8.33.39 PM.png

Fast forward 17 months, I’ve left my 20’s behind and here I am tackling my first official “Halloween Season” (yes, it becomes a season once you’re a mom) as a blogger and South Florida parent of a toddler.

Last year was easy. My daughter was only 7 months old and would wear anything I put her in. Sadly, I severely miscalculated my costume choices for her and did not count on how hot the weather would still be down south.

Rookie #SceneMom fail.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 8.23.21 PM.png

She looks cute but this little mouse was a sweaty Betty.

But I’ve learned from my mistakes and have a game plan for all of the kiddie events and activities this month. Fellow #SceneMoms take note!

  • Have costume options ready. You know that beast called Social Media? Well your child’s costume is spoiled the minute that first Instagram photo is tagged from the “festival” you attended on October 18th. I don’t care if you’re on a budget! You have 10 days of events left lady- you need costume variety for your little prince or princess! Or who will LIKE your photo?

  • Stay away from nuts. And I don’t just mean the chocolate kind. Even though your kid (or you) may want that nutty candy bar, it’s frowned upon if your child’s best friend swells up and has to trick or treat in the ER on Halloween night. And trust me, you don’t want some crazy mom from Mamarama coming after you…

  • Have a clear separation between your Mom Costume and your Adult Costume. Sorry to break the news, but no one wants to see you as a “sexy French Maid” at the neighborhood block party. End of story.

  • Get that pumpkin patch photo or turn in your mom card. Wait- you forgot to get a pumpkin patch photo of your child? What kind of #SceneMom are you?? Everyone knows that your Facebook timeline is incomplete in October without an ‘oh so cute’ snap of your baby at Bedner’s. Extra points if they’re actually looking at the camera.

  • Avoid Pinterest at all costs. Here I am, a MOMMY BLOGGER, telling you to avoid Pinterest. What hypocrisy! But WHY? Unless you are planning on hand-making/sewing/decoupaging your child’s costume or decorating for a Halloween from scratch, you don’t need that kind of negativity and stress in your life. #SceneMoms can see #CompetitiveMoms a mile away and they run in the other direction to Party City. Or if they want to look crafty…

This Modern Boca Mom will be #OnTheScene all month at local South Florida Halloween events! Hope to see you around!

Just look for the mom whose kid is dressed up as Tinkerbell/Dragon/Geisha/Ballerina…


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