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Thanksgiving Eve in South Florida

It’s a given that the night before Thanksgiving is a good party night for us 20 somethings looking for a little more in life. However, it’s getting to a point where we want to avoid the college crowd on nights like these. I know, when did that happen? It went from avoiding the high schoolers when we came home to college, to being ‘young professionals’ that want nothing to do with the college scene. It’s probably because there’s a little part of us that wishes we were still engulfed in that make believe fantasy land. #BitterSweet

We can’t deny the truth, and neither can any of you. That’s why today’s brings you #OnTheScene with our ‘go to’ Thanksgiving Eve spots, where there’s only a slight chance you’ll run into a sorority girl crying in the bathroom .

Come on...what would Thanksgiving Day be without a little hangover?

P.S. Where are you watching the UF vs. FSU game on Saturday?

Ft. Lauderdale

Lilly is off ot Ohio, but Lindsey will be #OnTheScene at American Social tongiht. Music presented by the Supersede Group.


It's always the norm to go from AmSo to Public House, which has some great specials going on tonight during their 2nd Annual Get Plucked Party.


Boca Raton

Last year we attended Blue Martini in Boca, while we had a great time, we also encountered washed up, wanna-be housewives, wishing they were a 20 something looking for a little more in life. It was only in the bathroom though. Let's promise not to be like that...


Atlantic Ave

We love Park Tavern on the Ave because of it's laid back atmosphere, and fun people.



If you're headed down to Miami, you need to go to our favorite hidden gem, Foxhole. We love the casual sports bar atmosphere there, and love that it's known as 'the secret bar' to locals.


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