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#OnTheScene kinda New Years Eve

Whether you’re the entertainer or party goer this New Years Eve, we want to make sure that you’re prepared to be #OnTheScene. It’s no secret that majority of Americans aren’t huge fans of New Years Eve, Lindsey’s dad has always referred to it as amueature night, meaning that all of the non-drinkers go out and get annoyingly plastered because they can’t hold their liquor.

Bringing something a little different today, we wanted to feature an all-around New Years look for you and your home, at an affordable price. All of these items are great gifts if you're looking to bring something for your New Years host. As you know, black and gold can do no wrong in our eyes, so we play it up as much as we can.

We have a love/hate relationship with New Years Eve. When we have fabulous plans, we love it, when we have less than amusing plans, or no plans at all, we hate it! This year we have fabulous plans, so we are all about it. Cloud 10 Boca is even hosting us for hair and makeup appointments, so we are happy gals.

Wishing you all the New Years Eve of your dreams; complete with a good party, stylish outfit, killer dance moves, and the perfect midnight kiss! Remember, a sloppy #SceneGirl isn’t a pretty #SceneGirl (even though we have all been there). Please stay safe and drink responsibly!

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For the Entertainer:

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