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Key West Aloe | #TrendingTuesday

How can we put this lightly #SceneGirls? It’s about that time for us to really start considering a serious anti-aging regimen. It’s a sad, but true realization that we all need to take very seriously. That being said, Lindsey & Lilly have done extensive research and product sampling on preventative anti-aging products that will ensure healthy happy #SceneGirl skin.

Meet our end all be all to anti-aging, Key West Aloe. Most of you have heard us rant and rave about these products on social media, but it’s hard to put this kind of perfection into words.

It’s very hard to believe, but the first week we started using these products, we started to see a difference in our skin. We are both extremely lucky to have healthy, smooth skin, but our complexion was overall enhanced after using Key West Aloe.

Since we knew you would all love everything about Key West Aloe, we made sure to schedule a great giveaway for you all. Details on how to enter can be found by clicking the image below, or visting our Key West Aloe Giveaway tab on our homepage. You have until this Friday, April 17 to enter!

After washing your skin with your everyday cleanser, apply their Skin Matrix Gel, all over. You will want lather your face in this refreshing gel over and over again. This gel fights early signs of aging and boosts collagen. Having relatively dry skin, it was important to find something with A LOT of moisture. Aloe Vera is 80% of the ingredients, and this cooling gel brought us back to the days of refrigerated Aloe being lathered onto our skin after a long day at the beach.

How to use: Excellent product to use under makeup and light enough for everyday use. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients:

80% Aloe Vera

Matrixyl Technology: Collagen boosting peptide Witch Hazel Water

Cucumber Extract

Comfrey Extract

Papaya Extract

Arnica Extract

Calendula Extract

Rosemary Extract

Sea Kelp Extract

Elderflower Extract

Rosemary Extract

Cucumber Oils

Sign us up for any product that has the words “overnight” and “serum” in them. We’re convinced that this is the product that brought us immediate results. When it comes to skincare, living in South Florida has a lot of disadvantages. We do our best to buy and apply daily moisturizer with SPF in it, but we can’t control the inevitable rays hitting our skin as we drive, run errands, and live our everyday lives. This nighttime recovery serum helps reverse your daily skincare damage by renewing cells and exfoliating the skin.

How to use: Apply nightly before bed to clean, damp skin on the face and neck.

Key Ingredients:

60% Aloe Vera

Vitamin E Lactic

Acid Salicylic

Vitamin A

To make it easy for you:

Remember growing up and listening to your mom complain about the fine lines around her eyes as she lifted and squeezed her skin to look more youthful? Don’t let history repeat itself, which is the entire point of this preventative anti-aging blog post today. We have been applying Key West Aloe’s eye cream twice as day to restore moisture and improve our skin’s texture. Dehydrated and damaged skin is one of the leading causes to fine lines and wrinkles. If you haven’t caught on, Key West Aloe’s products are all about hydration, which is just what you need to improve and reverse intensive fine lines.

How to use: Apply daily to clean, damp skin during day and night. This is another product we use under our makeup because it’s light for everyday use. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients:

60% Aloe Vera

Vitamin E

Sodium PCA

Grapeseed Oil

Hyaluronic Acid


We only sampled 3 of Key West Aloe’s products, but will continue to be forever ambassadors of this life changing (yes, we said life changing) skincare line. They gained our #LLSceneApproved stamp of with flying colors.

Product Review Disclaimer: *Of course, all opinions and reviews are our very own.

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