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"Our" Royal Princess

We have officially graduated from royal baby watch to royal baby celebrations to now having a royal baby name, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!

What is it about London and the Royal Family that constantly has us all in a ghast to be British? It could be the prince/princess & king/queen concept, the movies, or the tradition and history surrounding the royals. Lilly & Lindsey have had the honor of visiting the royals (well, sorta).

Lilly visited London on a Miami Dolphins Cheerleading trip!

Lindsey studied abroad there with #SceneGirl Megan back in 2008!

Admit it, you woke up 3:30am to watch William and Kate get married, you posted about the first royal baby birth, and ooo and ahh over the undoubted cuteness of Prince George. Lindsey has an excuse because she was an English major with a concentration on British history. She always jokes that she knows far more about the Tudor line and royals than she does any US president. But she’s not alone, we can all go back to our reguarly scheduled lives, and stop refreshing our newsfeeds for instant updates about the new royal baby.

Even though Lindsey’s infatuation dates back long before the Princess of Wales (remember Halloween 2014 when she was Anne Boleyn and Blake was King Henry VIII?) the era of Charles and Diana is probably where most Americans began their obsession. Even our moms admitted to waking up at early hours in 1981 to watch Prince Charles marry Princess Diana.

Oh, and have you watched the new show on E!, The Royals? EXTREME exaggeration of how things work over there, but great television. We are shamelessly into this show.

Princess Diana was a real person. She entered the royal family when they needed it the most, bringing a refreshing change to the very formal, drab, and dreary monarchy establishment. Diana was beautiful, philanthropic, and gave her opinion when it mattered (even though it mortified the queen).

She was the “people’s princess” in every sense of the word. All that glitters can’t always be gold. Feeling trapped by the lifestyle and rigors of palace life, her divorce played out right in front of the media. To make a royal divorce even more of a scandal, Diana gained sympathy from “the people” when Prince Charles’ affair became public knowledge.

After she divorced, she "stepped out" more often looking very glamorous and was more engaging with the public. She worked with her charity organizations and she was very protective of her sons, earning her more admiration and adoration from the public. With the beauty, the brains, and scandal came tragedy. Like the JFK Assassination, everyone knows where they were the night they found out that Princess Diana passed away. Her death was very unexpected and it was quite a shock. She was someone who was not supposed to die at her age. It was a complete devestation to the entire world.

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are just like us, well...sort of. They met in college, which can be relatable to a lot of couples out there, but the rest is just a fairytale Lifetime movie. Kate is the all American “girl next door”, but doesn’t make us mad like “girls next door” usually do. Kate comes from a close family that made their own money by creating a million dollar party planning business. How “real” are William & Kate? They broke up during a semester in college, and shortly got back together. How many of us have been through the SAME thing? We could definitely become BFF with the princess.

She’s also flawless. Correct us if we’re wrong, but has she ever done anything wrong on Royal duty?! She wears her pregnancy in a way we all dream of, and has perfect hair. The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge look at each other with true passion and love in their eyes. Okay, we’re done now. But, when is the royal baby name going to be revealed?!

Of course not Kate! ...But she's gotta really nice ass and upstaged you for a good 5 minutes on your wedding day...

Harry, Harry, Harry….the king that will never be. He undoubtedly has the better end of the brotherhood stick as far as we are concerned (sorry William!). It would take a lot for Harry to make his way to the throne, and he takes full advantage of this. Aside from being very involved in a rewarding military career, Harry enjoys partying, beautiful women, and adventure. Screw the rightful heir to the throne, he’s the prince we would want to date.

Queen Elizabeth. What can we say? She has the audacity of the ones that have come before her, while keeping her composure and sense of humor in public settings. She may be old, but she can intimidate the best of them, which is another reason Kate Middleton is so cool, she has a genuine bond with the queen!

Now you know why we love everything about the Royal family, but what do you think? What’s the big deal?!

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