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The Bachelor Casting Call

Let’s all shamelessly confess, if we were single, we would currently be petitioning our spots on The Bachelor. Since we can’t do that, we encourage all our single #SceneGirls out there to audition, Saturday, June 27th from 1-5pm at the Festival Flea Market Mall.

Why would I want to audition for The Bachelor?

Why not?! If you’re single, bored with the South Florida dating scene, and have a semi-flexible job/career, you need to audition. It’s one of those things you can say you did, and if you make it onto the show, you can say you did that too. Stephanie Marie we have to call you out on the blog? Get that application going.

I’m not really into the show anymore,everyone always breaks up…

Fact. That statement is correct. However, we feel change brewing at ABC. They know we are bored, trust me. That’s why they threw us for a loop this season with the Kaitlyn vs. Britt thing. Change is coming.

Nothing would make us happier than one of our #SceneGirl readers to try out for The Bachelor. Please let us know if you plan on going. We would love to interview you on the blog!

To get started on the application process, send in an application along with pictures and a video. You can attend the casting below whether you've sent in a video or not.

Date: Saturday, June 27th

Time: 1-5pm

Location: Festival Flea Market Mall 2900 W. Sample Road, Pompano Beach

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