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#SceneApproved Bachelorette Activities

Is there anything more fun than planning a bachelorette party? The answer is no. We are currently shopping, ordering, and strategizing for #SceneGirl Jess’s bachelorette party in Charleston, SC (so excited!).

Us #SceneBrides tend to celebrate a la bachelorette chic, which means you won’t see a whole lot of penis straws, scavenger hunts, strippers, and tacky sashes anywhere near us. That being said, what exactly constitutes as a “bachelorette chic” type of weekend?

Hippie/ boho themes are always fun for a bachelorette group. You can get away with doing this theme during the day, or at night. It's also a really easy theme! Chances are, girls already have a boho stuff lying around that they never knew existed.

This is something we plan on doing for Jess's bachelorette party, and we are so excited to start shopping for this theme. Stay tuned for pictures!

Obligatory bride in white night out. All of the girls dress in one color, while the bride wears white. Keep in mind, the rest of the girls don’t HAVE to dress in black, have fun with it!

A little iffy about this one being “bachelorette chic”, but given the time and place I think this could be cute. Day time outfits on a cruise or Key West bachelorette?

Get glam & fabulous. The bride wears gold while the rest of the girls dress in hot pink, or any other pop of color!

Headed to Nashville, Savannah, or any other southern belle worthy state for a bachelorette? When in Rome!

You’ve seen these adorable bridal booties before, Lindsey was one of the first brides to premiere them during her bachelorette party in the Bahamas. If you’re having a poolside bachelorette party, invest in one of these adorable accessories. Our favorite bridal booties come from Kay James Boutique.

Cute for a daytime excursion into town, brunch, or sight seeing, not so cute for a night out. Keep it bachelorette chic and dress to the nines every night! *Be a nice bachelorette planner and let the girls know what the tanks look like before you hit the road so they can plan their bottoms accordingly. Easy t-shirt companies to work with? We always order from

Welcome bags are very bachelorette chic, and they actually come in handy. We can’t tell how many times these thoughtful hangover kits have saved our lives.

Have fun with flash tats while you still can. You probably won't have an excuse to wear them for awhile.

We also LOVE this idea too! Lauren Conrad gave these tattoos out during her weekend. With Lauren’s stamp of approval, these are definitely bachelorette chic.

There’s nothing worse than a tacky bachelorette sash accompanied with a battery operated tiara. Etsy is your best friend ladies, there are SO many adorable companies to order from there. Here are some of our #SceneGirl approved bachelorette accessories. More bachelorette accessories by Kay James Boutique.

One of our #SceneGirls, Amy, owns JKreations and will make you a bachelorette chic banner at an affordable price! She can do anything! Don’t compromise these important details.

Bachelorette Games. Oh dear, we could spend hours going over terrible bachelorette games. Fortunately, we have a list of bachelorette chic games that are quick and fun for everybody! They aren’t flashy and obnoxious, you’ll have a blast with your girls during these games!

Let the Games Begin

  • Send 20 questions to the groom. During one of the dinners, or pre-game whip out the questions and see how the bride answers on his behalf. For example, MOH: 1. “What would Blake say is his favorite body part on you?” Bride: “My ass.” MOH: “Blake said...her ass!” If the bride guesses wrong, she has to drink, if she guesses right, the girls have to drink.

  • This isn’t really a game, but more of a fun recommendation. We were 15 girls deep during Lindsey’s bachelorette party. Before their night out, her bridesmaids surprised her by decorating her room with photos. They had photos taped to the wall of her and all of the girls that were on the trip. Some were pictures from her sorority days at FSU, cheerleading in high school, and being awkward tweens in Middle School. It was so much fun!

  • Love bachelorette mug shot photos. Always so much fun to do.

  • Most Like You’ll need a set of index cards and a pen. Everyone will need their own hand of cards with the names of each guest on a card. If 10 girls are playing, each girl should hold 10 cards, one person's name on each card. The first player presents a “Most Likely To…” situation, such as “Most Likely to Kiss a Total Stranger." Each player puts down the card of the person they think is “Most likely to…”. If you’re voted most likely, you drink. Good scenarios for this game are things like Most Likely To Hook Up At The Wedding, Next To Be Married, Appear On A Reality Show, etc.

  • Take a Bow: Buy a roll of bright ribbon and tie a bow around each guest's wrist. Whenever the bachelorette wants a drink, she'll untie someone's bow, and they have to buy her a cocktail or shot of her choice.

  • Lingerie party! If you’re an MOH this year, email all of the girls invited with the bride’s bra and underwear sizes. Each girl will gift her lingerie for the honeymoon! Have the bride open up the gifts during a pre-game sesh at the hotel!

Flower crowns are always a good idea. Whether you wear them during the day, or at night, it’s an easy (and inexpensive) way to dress in unison and still look bachelorette chic. This is also something you can incorporate into your boho outfits. Our favorite flower crowns always come from Haute Blossom.

Have a ‘spa night’ with the girls before you leave. Manis, pedis, waxing, spray need to primp & prep!


Lastly, a good bachelorette hashtag is key. It’s important to note that the bachelorette hashtag doesn’t have to be the same hashtag they are using for the wedding. Personalize it to the bride, and get creative!

We hope today’s post helped you organize your party planning thoughts. There’s SUCH a fine line between a tacky vs. classy bachelorette party, and we hope this post helped clear your head. It’s not easy to planning your BFF’s bachelorette party!

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