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#SceneGirl Swim Week Recap

Your #SceneGirls are back and excited to recap Miami Swim Week! Despite listening to fellow bloggers “one up” each other while we all waited for shows to start, it was great weekend! If you ever want to hear how highly bloggers think of themselves, stick them all in a long sweaty line outside a fashion show.

Anyways, back to our sleepless weekend. On Friday night we attended Widlfox at one of our favorite hotels, The Delano.

Wildfox premiered their Cruise and Spring ‘16 swim collections with a statuesque-like presentation. One of the biggest highlights of the night had to be meeting Brody Jenner. If you haven’t already heard, Brody is Lindsey’s “hall pass”, so she was on the verge of a meltdown. He was a really nice guy and his hot girlfriend was super sweet.

Wildfox’s Spring ‘16 presentation featured mermaid, unicorn and fairy-printed fabrics as well as beautiful, flowers and pastels. Lots of mesh frabric, halters, fringe and zippers.

The favorite in this collection was the Floating UW Mermaid Top in pastel rainbow. The Cruise 2016 “Wildfox Girls of Beverly Hills” also had some serious standouts because of its pop colors and flight attendant look. More halters, florals and contrasting bottoms. Here are some of our favs!

Photo Credit: Mark Hunter

Saturday was spent at Escape Miami, where fashion & lifestyle brands came to showcase their products & talent. Our girls at Face2Face Studios manned the ‘braid bar’ while flash tats & brow shaping took place. Lindsey & #SceneGirl did some serious damage at the MIA Shoes bungalow with their Coty Booties paired with the Maaji swimsuit and at Bianca Coletti.

Saturday night began with us obsessing over Lindsey's mint romper from & Lilly's cobalt fringe heels from Steve Madden.

...and then Mara Hoffman happened at Casa Casurina (the Versace mansion). Casa Casurina was the quintessential backdrop to her newest collection.

Pushing the envelope with Moroccon inspired beauty. Hoffman brought her Moroccon understanding alive through the sites and smells she experienced in Morocco. This collection is infused with new color palettes, silhouettes, and floral prints.It was boho chic to the highest degree, and couldnt get enough of it. Adding verstility, Hoffman added more reversible options with different necklines. Love, love, love.

Photo Credit: BFA

From Mara Hoffman to the Maxim launch party. Maxim debuted their swimwear line at SLS South Beach Saturday night. We spent the night with founder of Miss Fanatic, Tiffany Pearl. Tiffany and Lilly have been best friend since their dolphin days, so it was fun to have her show us the ropes of Swim Week.

Give us some women empowerment, and we’re there. The collection was inspired by legendary fashion icon, Brigitte Bardot by featuring two themes, “Boho” and “Girl Next Door,” the collection paid homage to key moments in history led by exceptional women. This world wide debut featured lots of fringe, crochet lace earth tone embellishments. With the All- American “Girl Next Door” expressed a suited look with sleek solids, and seersucker, paired with sophisticated color palettes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Saturday night ended up being a late one, so we were a little slow to rise Sunday morning. We were so lucky to have stayed at The Thompson Hotel, Miami Beach, which was centrally located around all of the shows we attended, but more importantly because they 24/7 room service. That was probably the best news we received all weekend. The Thompson brought a little Palm Beach to Miami with their cabana style theme, so we felt right at home all weekend. We started our Sunday morning with a little rest and relaxation by their beautiful pool before we had to put our game faces back on.

We spent the day back at SLS with the Style Saves Sunday Soiree, another great pop up shop event where we spent way too much money. Adorable statement jewelry, handmade bikinis, and mobile boutiques. Can you really ask for anything more?! Some of our favs.

The rest of our #SceneGirl Sunday was spent photo shooting and drinking margaritas by the pool at Hyde Beach. Couldn’t be happier about the outcome of our weekend in Miami. We witnessed great fashion, networked with wonderful people, and had a little fun doing it.

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