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Trilogy Natural Skincare | Review

There's nothing better than great skincare products, and we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to test products and report back to our readers. Our skin tends to do some crazy things during the summer, so we were approached to review some of Trilogy's newest products at an ideal time.

So far, we haven't had a weekend in July where we weren't traveling. This is obviously great and we aren't complaining, but we all know what happens to your hair, skin and nails during a vacation. Trilogy's Everything Balm speaks for itself because it literally helps with EVERYTHING. The product acts as a moisturizer and massage oil for your entire body, it can tame humidity driven hair, and even soften dry skin while it works as hand lotion and cuticle oil. It has been a true savor, especially during Bachelorette weekends away, where we can whip it out during any excursion involving a beauty related mishap - and there's always at least one. We have our #SceneGirls hooked.

It's no secret that we value a good airbrush tan. As easy as it is to get to Belly Love for spray tan, sometimes we just don't have the time. There has been at least 3 tanning emergencies this month where Trilogy's Instant Bronzing Gel has saved the day. This gel can be applied before a night out for instant gratification, or can be applied daily to build up a natural even-looking tan. We both used this before a night out in Miami, and couldn't believe how the immediate results. There was no sign of an "oompa loompa" orange color, and we didn't smell like a fast food joint. It dried quickly and smelled incredible. We're currently testing the product for longevity to see how it looks over time. Stay tuned for those results!

Not only does Trilogy have an LLScene approved title, but they have also received the "Royal Seal of Approval". Kate Middleton couldn't live without them during her most recent pregnancy, because the products are effective and all-natural. You can now buy these New Zealand based products in all Whole Foods locations nationwide.

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