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Traci Lynn Fall/Winter | Recap

Traci Lynn Jewelry's Fall/ Winter line has officially launched and we have an exclusive look into the beautiful pieces featured during the premier party earlier this month in South Florida.

It's all about the statement rings this season; the bigger the better. If a ring takes over half of your knuckle, you're doing something right. Speaking of knuckles, another huge jewelry trend is the knuckle ring. It's one of our favorite looks this summer, it's a small piece of jewelry with a big statement.

To be perfectly honest, we aren't big fans of silver jewelry. We don't have anything against silver, it's just not a color we wear often. However, Traci Lynn's necklace line brings us all the best of both worlds by combining silver and gold successfully, which isn't always the easiest thing to do. Whether you layer necklaces individually, or purchase pieces that are already stacked for you, you can really do a lot with this popular trend. Don't be afraid to use your personal style and change up your look.

Studs and spikes guys....studs and spikes. Another versatile trend we love that makes a bold statement. Whether it's one of Traci Lynn's studded jewelry pieces, or her newest handbag line, you really can't go wrong with this daring style.

Fashion is all about taking chances, and this new line gives you the opportunity to do just that. Click here for more information and updates about Traci Lynn Jewelry.

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