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It’s hard to think of a fall wardrobe when it’s 100 degrees outside, but your #SceneGirls are here as a constant fashion reminder. As always, this season will sneak up on you, so you want to be prepared for every occasion you have penciled into that planner of yours. Lucky for you, features highly discounted styles and new arrivals every day. is an LLScene ‘go to’ when it comes to stalking up on essentials ie: cutesy shorts, basic tanks, graphic tees, dresses...etc. We’ve attended fashion week and done a ton of research on the trends you can expect this fall (stay tuned for a blog post coming in the near future). Until then, is ahead of the game and premiering fall styles early enough for us all to make a statement.

Shop their new looks, or browse around for awhile. Yes, you’ll be on there for awhile, there’s just too much to see. So, pour yourself a glass of wine and get shopping.

Whether you're still holding on to summer looks, or you're open to exploring a little fall, we have something for everyone today.

*Disclaimer: Of course, all opinions & reviews are our very own. Some of our posts & ads contain affiliate links to make a purchase. We only partner with companies we are truly passionate about. It's little things like this, which come as no extra charge to our loyal readers, that keep us up & running. Thanks so much!

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