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LLScene Giveaway | Versakini

Oh swimwear how we have such a love hate relationship with you sometimes. Before attending Miami Swim Week it was so hard to justify dropping over $200 on a bikini, but our world has been turned upside down and inside out since being introduced to Versakini.

Not only are these swimsuits reversible, but they're also interchangeable. You can basically own 8 different bikinis in one. With a simple snap of a clip you can slide your bikini top from side to side and pair them with reversible bottoms creating 8 different combinations.

Packing has been somewhat challenging lately with all of the different trips we have been taking. We're not complaining, just taking a moment to say WE'RE TIRED! Lindsey's parents had a celebratory pool party at their home last weekend, which gave us the opportunity to rock our Versakinis! If we wanted to, we would have been able to change up our look every hour of the day without people noticing that we were wearing the same suit. God forbid we repeat an outfit, let alone a bikini.

Every so often we're willing to overspend on a swimsuit. An expensive bathing suit has material that speaks for itself, and we exude confidence that is usually hard to find when you're shopping for bikinis. Versakinis are affordable, but the quality isn't compromised. These suits fit like a glove while flattering the skin by falling perfectly around the areas of our bodies that we don't want pulled, stretched and singed...ya get it? Another win/win in our books.

Versakini has a celebrity following and has also been featured on national media outlets such as ABC's Beyond the Tank. Another thing we love about Versakini, the founder and CEO, Kelsey Duffy is the ultimate #SceneGirl. We absolutely adore her and highly respect her vision behind giving women what they really want, a high quality swimsuit that flatters their bodies at an affordable price. And, here's why you'll all love her too! She's giving all LLScene readers 30% off by using promotion code: LLSCENE at checkout. We are also offering a special giveaway on the blog this week. Click Here, "Like" Vesakini on Facebook and you can win a free swimsuit!

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