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Fall Trend Report

With every change in season, comes a change in fashion. The fall inspired runways gave us a sneak peek into what will hit the expensive department stores this year, but Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins of LLScene are seasoned professionals when it comes to reproducing looks right off the runway at an affordable price.

Bigger is always better this time of year, but it’s even bigger and even better in 2015. Fashion Week exemplified an avant garde feel as the Fall/Winter collections came alive on the runway. That being said, it’s hard to spot a trend off that catwalk that can be worn in everyday life. Insider tip: designers don’t expect the average American woman to walk out of the house wearing a $10,000 eight pound animal on her back. They produce these styles for the art of fashion in hopes that other designers (affordable designers) will produce a toned down version of their craft.

Check out our picks for the trending fall styles that will take you from the office to the bar and everywhere in between.

Pretty in Poncho

A poncho can effortlessly bring boring everyday outfit from a 5 to a 10. They’re comfortable, easy and flattering. Of course we’re embracing this fall trend.

Choke Hold

This style piggy backs off of the victorian trend with high embellished collars. This look can be pulled off through choker jewelry or clothing.

Burgundy Tank

The Chunkier the Better

The chunky heel proves to be the next unfailing formula of success and femininity in 2015. This is an easy look that can be dressed up or down through flattering counter pieces.

Mixing It Up

Remember when you would pick out your own outfits as a child just to have your parents immediately make you change because nothing matched? Well, channel your inner kindergartener with this trend because it’s all about mixing prints. Think polkadots, florals, contrasting stripes, and bright patterns.

Master the Mini Skirt

Mini skirt is back with a vengeance! This not a tight mini skirt, it has more of a flirty a-line. There wasn’t a runway during Fashion Week that didn't have an endless stretch of leg. We noticed embellished denim, bright hues, pastels and earthy tones. Not ready show your legs off yet? Pair your mini with different shades and textures of tights.

God Save the Queen

Channel your inner queen with a huge fall trend, the Victorian look. Think romantic lace, ruffles, and high necklines. Start Halloween a little early because this is the only acceptable time you can wear fishnet stockings without an outrageous costume. This trend can also be achieved through casting light on your silhouette through sheer fabric and tulle. It’s a sensual, yet passionate look this fall.

Say It With Suede

Suede right into fall with this popular trend. Colored suede took over the fashion week runways. We’re currently loving burgundy and mustard shades in suede. Sport this look as a dress or layer and pair it with a contrasting piece. You can also bring two fall trends into one by implementing fringe with this look.

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