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Best of LLScene Halloween

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...Halloween! Yes, we are extremely enthusiastic about this beloved holiday. Year after year, we go ALL out in the costume department (especially Lilly). In a world of 20 somethings using Halloween as an excuse to run around half naked pretending to be someone they aren’t, we decide to travel the road less traveled. Calm down college friends, we aren’t pretending to act like we’ve never dressed up as a sexy version of every occupation or Disney character, but when you hit the age of 26 - your Halloween priorities change a little.

That being said, it’s Throwback Thursday, so enjoy the best of LLScene’s Halloween costumes. As you can see, Lilly NEVER disappoints.

Lindsey as the infamous Anne Boleyn & Lilly as a Barbie in a box!

Lilly as a Lobster in a Pot!

Lindsey, Lilly, & #SceneBoy Blake as loufas & a showering man...? Still not sure what he was trying to go for, but it worked at the time.

Lilly & #SceneBoy Sam last year at Face2Face Studios' Halloween party!

A Vine of Grapes!

Lilly & #SceneGirl Jenny as carrots!

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