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Top Ten Thoughts of a HomeGoods Happy Chick


Guess what? Our moves are officially over. We never thought we would have the opportunity to say this, but it’s finally real. We’re being a little dramatic, but why does moving feel like it takes years off your life?

Anyways, with every move comes frequent trips to Home Goods. <Pause & take a deep breath…> Yes, we’re talking about HomeGood “feels” today. This may sound silly, and a little out of the ordinary for a typical LLScene post, but maybe decorating our homes has made us go a little crazy. Fashion and styling comes naturally to us, but interior design is a little out of our comfort zones. Unfortunately, we don’t always have Lilly’s sister, Lauren and Christin of Luxe Report Designs, on speed dial, but their Instagram is always streaming live as we swerve in and out of the HomeGoods aisles.

Luxe Report Designs

With pinterest, instagram, and the social media pressures to look like we know what we’re doing, we want you all to know that we are still “20 somethings looking for a little more in life” and learning as we go. The pressures of home buying has officially gotten the best of us. What do the experts say? One room at a time? Well, stay tuned because we are listening to the professionals on this one.

As amateurs, we hate to speak on behalf of all “HomeGoods happy” women out there, but are confident that these are the top ten thoughts that go through your heads upon entering Home Goods.

1. Sheets and a lamp, bed sheets and a lamp. I can only come out of here with sheets and a lamp.


2. I look really awkward right now. Did I just twitch?

3. But, I'm concentrating and visualizing a room. People probably think I'm an interior designer or something. This sunburst mirror is everything.


4. I’m buying way too many mirrors. Did I just hear a guy's voice? No, that’s just my husband in my head haunting my thoughts, and telling me to leave. But, this guy sounds like he’s excited to be here. This chick is SO lucky.

More Mirrors

5. Remember what you came here for. Bed sheets and a lamp. But, this elephant statue will be perfect for an accent table.


6. I should do a new accent table. Where is a the furniture section? Why don’t they ever have matching end tables?

Accent Table

7. Why doesn't anyone say excuse me when they bump into your cart in the aisle? What did I come over here for again? Oh! Bar cart accessories. Concentrate.

Bar Cart Accessories

8. How do they expect me to buy this table and get it into my car? Ugh, I really don’t feel like flagging someone down. But, IT WON’T BE HERE NEXT TIME I COME. “Excuse me sir…?”


9. FOCUS. Focus on the checkout counter. Don’t look at anyone or anything. But, they always have the cutest stuff in the line! “That’s okay, I’m still looking! You can go in front of me.”

Check Out

10. Wow, I thought this trip would cost a lot more than it did. I FORGOT THE LAMP AND BED SHEETS. Whatever, just another excuse to come back tomorrow.



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