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We Won Money Playing DraftKings | #SceneSports

"We won money playing DraftKings!!!!" No this isn't a paid advertisement, we're serious. We actually won money playing DraftKings. Lilly won $22 and Lindsey won $88.

Since then, we have become a little too into it. Each of us average about 3-4 teams a week and win money in at least two of them. No we're not gamblers, we're skilled at making good fantasy choices.

Girls, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. It's annoying to listen to guys talk about their fantasy football lineups week after week, but now you can contribute. We've learned so much about the fantasy football world these past couple weeks.

So, how's it all done?

1. Download a fantasy football app on your phone and deposit money.

Try to do this early in the week, so you're able to get into good games. A "good game" for us beginners would be a $25 buy in for a Sunday game with only 10-20 people playing in it. In english: you pay $25 and your fantasy football team plays against 10-20 other people's teams. Got it?

2. Use your budget wisely.

Some games are different, but for the $25 buy ins, you'll usually get a $50,000 budget, which you will use to pick players. Our advice? Don't waste it on quarterbacks. Pick two good receivers, 2 decent receivers, and a solid defense.

3. Stand by your man.

Don't make any final decisions without consulting the guy in your life. We've only been at this fantasy football thing for two weeks now, so it's important to consult with a professional before submitting final teams.

4. Watch the game.

Sunday just got a little more interesting in our homes. We have turned into the people we've hated the most, fantasy football cheerleaders. We actually watch every game our fantasy players are in and obnoxiously scream when they score.

We're always looking trying to report on fun sports trends that girls can enjoy, and we truly believe you will enjoy playing fantasy football, especially when you win!

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