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LLScene's First Baby Shower

Don't get any ideas, we only hosted our first baby shower. Most of you can agree that when you hit the age of 26 it’s nonstop bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, and now BABIES! To be perfectly honest with you all, we were a little nervous to host our first baby shower. Lilly has been to a handful of baby showers and up until this point and Lindsey had never even been to one. It’s safe to say we’ve got wedding festivities down, but when it came time to plan our friend Megan’s baby shower….we didn’t really know where to start.

Like any saavy #SceneGirl we prioritized a “to do” list, established a theme with the mom-to-be, and got adorable invitations sent out to her guest list before it was time to take a little break. All party planners need a break right? Right! Party planning is all about delegating and asking for help, and luckily we have the best girl friends in the bizz. Each one of our friends brought one homemade signature dish, which ended up being more than enough food for our 25 guests! WHEW!

It also helped that one of our BFF #SceneGirls, Jess, is the owner of TilleyCakes, because not only did she came through with a delicious appetizer, but she also created these adorable chocolate covered pretzels and rice krispies treats. She always comes through for us, we couldn't be more grateful.

That cake though….

What can we say about this amazing cake. Shea’s Bakery in Delray Beach really came through in creating this custom made piece of art for us. All we had to do was send her a picture of what we were looking for, and she replicated it exactly. This cake worked as a delicious dessert, and an even better centerpiece.

Where do you even begin when it comes to establishing decor for a navy and gold prince themed shower? As usual, Luxe Report Designs to the rescue. With a little help from their Pinterest and Instagram pages, we became inspired by their ability to implement a sequin table runner to any old table setting, and what a difference it made! Note to self: when it doubt, throw some sequin over it.

Speaking of decor, there’s nothing more important than a customized banner by JKreations. We told her the theme of the shower, the color scheme, and exactly what we wanted written on the banner and she created this beautiful photo prop, which now lives in baby Sebastian’s nursery!

To spark more inspiration, we headed to HomeGoods (of course) in search for clear candy bar jars and more gold decor. The next step was finding candy for the candy jars, which was easily found at Party City.

Sebastian’s newest onsie, baby hat, and bib made for great photo opportunities thanks to our dear friend and sorotity sister, Nikki, founder of Namesbynikki. These are handmade quality products that can be customized to your liking. She’s one of our very good friends from Nashville and an obvious #LLSceneApproved vendor for our readers to trust.

Based on how her bridal shower went, we knew Megan’s feelings toward playing games at her baby shower, so we went in with a less is more attitude. It was more important for Megan to interact with her guests as they mixed and mingled with everyone else, so there were no “set games” to play. Thank goodness Megan wasn’t one of those “pregnant girls” who don’t allow champagne or wine to be served at baby shower's because that made such a difference! Guests were encouraged to fill out these cards throughout the afternoon.

Glad to report back that LLScene’s first experience hosting a baby shower went off without a hitch. If you find yourself at a loss during shower preparations for your loved ones, just remember it’s all about prioritizing and knowing the needs of your mom-to-be.

Coincidentally, Megan and her husband Paul welcomed baby Sebastian into the world last Friday, January 8th! We couldn’t be happier for her and her new family! Here’s to the first #SceneBaby in the books!


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