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Best Friend Bathing Suit Giveaway

LLScene has an amazing giveaway you’re going to want to know all about. It might be a little chilly to start thinking about bathing suits right no, but you will thank us in a week from now when we are back to our hot South Florida temperatures. We absolutely love sharing new brands with our followers, especially when it comes to swimsuits. Whether it has to do with your ever-changing curves, or lack of a tan, it’s safe to say that women typically don’t love shopping for bathing suits. Until now….

LLScene has teamed up with an emerging artist on the swimsuit scene to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little differently this year, with a Best Friend Giveaway! Poema Swim speaks to the #SceneGirls of the world by creating suits for bikini lovers, beach admirers and travel enthusiasts. Not only are her styles HOT, they’re SO well-made. It’s so hard to come across a swim brand that provides stylish looks and comfort all rolled into one. We’ve been obsessing over these suits and know that you will too. The moment you put one of these suits you on something just happens to you. They’re so well-made that you immediately generate a boost of confidence and love for your beautiful body.

Since Lindsey & Lilly are best friends, it was only appropriate to promote this giveaway during Valentine’s Day week, while we celebrate our love for girl power and friendship.

Our followers will have the opportunity to win: a Peoma Bikini, a White Islander Poncho Coverup, and three different Florida Salt Scrub Scents.

So, here’s what you have to do in order to win!

1.) Follow @Poemaswim & @LLScene

2.) Post a photo of you and your best friend

3.) Hashtag #iloveyoulike & finish the phrase.

Easy enough right? This is a week long giveaway, so you have the opportunity to enter every single day if you’d like! Contact us directly for more information. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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