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Christian Siriano | LLScene Fashion Week Recap

We’re back (and exhausted). REALLY exhausted. Who knew there was so much partying involved during NYFW? We knew. We always know, but never prepare accordingly. Want to know something else your #SceneGirls never prepare for? The rush of bitter cold air against our skin as we walk out of Laguardia for the first time. Once again, we were there during one of the coldest weekends of the year. Florida girls can’t hang.

On to what really matters, the fashion. All we have to say is “wow”. There wasn’t a show that didn’t blow us away this year. Today, we’re recapping one of our favorite designers and shows of the week, Christian Siriano!

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary for us to describe our thoughts about Christian Siriano’s Fall/Winter collection. Since his debut on Project Runway, we have always supported Siriano and his vision for high fashion. Siriano’s fall/winter ‘16 collection uses volume, texture, soft fibers, and masculine undertones in shape and silhouette.

Runway Image Credit: Dan Lecca

Menswear-inspired inspired suits and tailored evening pieces balance it out. Staying true to his inspiration behind the line, Siriano continues to remain loyal to his feminine clients, while introducing them to innovative creations of our time as well. Who wouldn’t trust this mastermind? We’re basically obsessed with everything he showed this year. Check out the slideshow below to see our picks for his most #SceneWorthy looks. P.S. We're beyond obsessed with the second dress and need it now.

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