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Desk Makeover

Office Makeover

In all honesty, we were supposed to publish this post when we moved, which was months ago. Oops! It took us a teeny bit longer to create our "at home" dream office, but it's finally completed-ish.As most of you know, Lindsey & Lilly both moved back in Otober! With every move, you can always anticipate stress, chipped manicures, and fights with your significant other. That being said, a move also comes with a fresh start, a renewal if you will.

Gallery Wall

With both of our moves, it was important for us to reinvent our sense of interior home style. Having Lilly’s sister, Lauren, as one of the founders of Luxe Report Designs, it wasn’t hard to find immediate inspiration as we went room by room trying to figure out how we would reinvent ourselves.

Lindsey’s new house came with a decent sized loft, which screamed LLScene headquarters, despite #SceneBoy, Blake trying to make it into an FSU themed man room. As if he stood a chance on that battle

Believe it or not, Lindsey isn’t the most gifted when it comes to ‘arts and crafts’. Left handed people may be creative, but they’re unable to paint in straight lines or handle power tools for a long period of time. With a good chunk of space, it was important for her to fill up the room without making it look too cluttered. The chaise lounge has been with Lindsey for about 2 years, so that was an automatic addition to the room.

Desk Makeover

We are really feeling peonies to be the flower of the moment this fall. Whether it’s in a bridal bouquet, or displayed the way Lindsey has them in her office, we are all about it. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time or patience to grow them ourselves, so we couldn’t be more grateful for companies like the Stemple Shop that offer Real Touch Artificial Peonies like the arrangement seen here.

Desk Makeover

The vanity has to be our favorite part about Lindsey’s new office, which was obviously 100% inspired by Lauren & Christin of Luxe Report Designs. What’s not to love about a vanity that gives you the opportunity to display and swoon over all your favorite things?!

Now, stop what you’re doing and check out the site, Shop Rachel George because that is where our 8" Quilted Round Vase that holds our peonies comes from. We like to call ourselves ‘gold enthusiasts’ at LLScene, so you can imagine the amount of time and money we have spent shopping on her site.

Desk Makover

Every boss lady needs a boss lady mug. One of our favorite Etsy shops, The Scribble Studio gifted this adorable mug, which has become quite the necessity for Lindsey when she is up blogging late at night.

Desk Makeover

We’ve been searching for an excuse to implement tassel garlands into our everyday lives for quite some time. Once one of our #SceneGirls recommended using them to spice up some of the office wall space, it was all over from there. These adorable tassels are from another adorable Etsy shop called Tassel & Twine, which immediately transformed the room when they were hung.

Tassel Garland

This adorable Simplified Pineapple Planner by Emily Ley is our favorite new desk prop. It meshes perfectly with our other accessories and it’s also a really great planner!

Emily Ley

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into our new office! Stay tuned for more as we expand!



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