IV Therapy with IV2You

What in the world were you girls doing with those IVs in your home? Questions we have been getting for the past couple weeks, and now we are here to tell you allllll about it. We were introduced to Dr. Lena Edwards and IV2You while filming a news segment with CBS12! After hearing the benefits of IV Therapy, Lindsey & #SceneGirl Jess were excited to experience everything this treatment had to offer.

Promoting the anti-hangover remedy to go hand-in-hand with St. Patrick’s Day, Lindsey & Jess were treated with the “2 Revive - IV Hangover Therapy”. IV2You’sHangover Therapy” gives partiers the opportunity to enjoy a big night out without having to pay for it the next day. We’ll just say this, IV2You is a LIFE CHANGER, we were immediately overcome with an explosion of hydration and vitamins. The hangover therapy includes IV fluids containing electrolytes, B vitamins, and Magnesium, all of which can be depleted with alcohol consumption. Extra fluids are given to help with the dehydration which usually accompanies other hangover symptoms. If you are really down, choose from one of their add on therapies: anti-nausea medication, anti-inflammatory medication, and/or anti-heartburn medication. As we get older, we’re starting to notice that our hangovers tend to linger around a little longer than they used to, but now we have an instant remedy! There’s a reason why Sofia Vergara had IV Therapy vans outside of The Breakers throughout her wedding weekend….

After a long bachelor party weekend in Costa Rica, Lindsey scheduled Dr. Edwards to come to her home to treat her husband, Blake and the bachelor himself, Joe. After receiving an entire IV bag, it was as if the bachelor party never happened!

Not a big drinker? Good for you! IV Therapy isn’t just about treating and preventing hangovers. Dr. Edwards can customize an IV bag to your everyday needs. IV2You offers potent formulas to help with stress, anti-aging, energizing, strengthening, beautifying and relaxation.

Some of you may be freaked out by needles, but rest assured, Dr. Edwards is a medical doctor with years of experience practicing the benefits of IV Therapy. Learn more about her and her credentials here! Not only is she a complete professional and pioneer in her field, Dr. Edwards is so much fun to be around! She explains the process of customizing the IV bags to ensure you’re comfortable with everything she is doing. It’s easy to assume an experience like this would be on the pricey side, but it’s really not! Pricing varies upon treatment, but our ‘hangover remedy’ IV was just $129, which includes Dr. Edwards coming to your home and administering the IV!

We couldn’t be happier to know that businesses like IV2You exist. You want to be very careful! Be aware of copycat companies claiming to provide a similar treatments. You want to receive IV Therapy from experienced doctors like Dr. Edwards.


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