Favorite New Trend: Lampshading

As we start to welcome the really hot temperatures in South Florida, we start to forget about fall/winter styles and embrace less clothing and more skin. One of the fall/winter trends we miss the most are boots. Is it appropriate to wear boots in the spring? It depends. It depends on how you wear them and what you pair them with. We introduced the “lampshading trend” during New York Fashion Week. We’re happy to report that this style is here to stay, even in the spring/summer months, thanks to our favorite celebrity “after party” outfits during the Met Gala.

So, how does one “lampshade” you ask? It’s pretty simple! Apparently, what you call wearing an oversize t-shirt that covers up your tiny Nike shorts makes you look like a lamp shade. Throw on a pair of over the knee boots, and you’re a true lampshade. You’re not sold on it yet are you? What if we told you that the style maven Kardashians rock the look flawlessly with oversized sweaters, rugged graphic tees and effortless toppers? Throw on a pair of luxe over-the-knee boots and you have successfully lampshaded.

How can you lampshade in the spring/summer months? Think light, oversized tees, tanks, and off the shoulder sweaters that can also double as a dress with over the knee boots. Check out some of our favorite looks and boots to complete your lampshade outfit.

Check out some of our favorite looks and boots to complete your lampshade outfit.

It girls — including Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and Zendaya — are interpreting it through street style. If you’re lampshading you’re taking a huge fashion risk, so prepare accordingly and do it right.


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