2016 Summer Trends

Not that we’re one for following uptight fashion rules, but Memorial Day does mark the official start to summer and for most people that is carte blanche to start wearing their white looks. Really, this just means that your #SceneGirls are going crazy over summer trends.

Our summer calendars are filled to the max with events, vacations and weddings. With such busy schedules, it can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends of the season. Without further ado, here are the summer trends you should be on the lookout for…

Off the Shoulder

Aside from the traditionalall white everything’, if you’re rocking something off the shoulder this summer, you’re doing it right. If you haven’t noticed, Lindsey & Lilly can’t get enough of off the shoulder looks. It’s probably our favorite trend of the season.

Romantic Fantasy Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress

Off the Shoulder Striped Romper

Portrait Painter Off the Shoulder Blush Top

Sun Love Embroidered Off the Shoulder Dress

One Piece Bathing Suits

Gone are the days of snubbing the girl in a one piece, because summer 2016 is the season for one-piece swimwear. Once reserved for conservative beach-goers one-piece swimsuits have become sexier than ever.

Milk Shake Suit

Nasty Gal Nadia Ruffel Swim

Bohemian Rhapsody Swimsuit

Nocturno One Piece

Graphic Tees

Lindsey can’t get enough of this trend and seems to find a way to implement it into her wardrobe no matter what season it is. Graphic tees bring a “not-so-effortlesstwist to your everyday look. Not only can they be fun conversation starters, but you can pair them with anything you own.

Cocktails, Relaxation, Vacation Tank

Wildfox Coconut Tee

Rogue Tee

Fifty Shades of Bae

Body Bauble

Wait before you judge us on this one. We’re not asking you to stick these beads all over your face for a casual night out on the Avenue. Think of this trend when you’re thinking of fun ways to stand out on a bachelorette party or girls trip. We’ve already ordered these for our #WolfpackWives trip to Vegas in August, and can’t wait to rock it. Big thanks to Coachella style mavens for promoting this one, we love it!

Hubs & Hers

If you don’t know by now, we’re absolutely in love with everything from Hubs & Hers. Not only is the collection to die for, but the founder, Mrs. Farina, is the most adorable visionary we have ever met. Lindsey has been seen all over rocking Hubs & Hers, so it’s a no brainer that they made it to our summer trend roundup.

Slip Dress

Right off the runways, this is a HUGE trend of the season, but how do you actually pull off a slip dress? The trick is simple and can be easily recreated with items that already exist in your closet. Think of layering a lingerie-type garment over a t-shirt or dress. Celebrities are all over slip dresses. It seems to be the summer equivalent to lampshading, so we’re all about it.

Easy Honey Slip Dress

Kiss the Sky Slip Dress

Top Shop Slip Dress

Print & Slip Dress

Ankle Jewelry

Don’t write this off yet. If you’re planning a tropical beach vacation or girls trip to Vegas (cough, cough), ankle jewelry will be all the rage. It’s a true boho move if you’re rocking ankle jewelry this summer, and we are all about it.

Best Foot Forward

Steady Stride Foot Bracelet

Jolly Gold Bracelet


At this point, you probably think we’re stuck in the late 90’s, but we don’t make the rules! Chokers have made a comeback and can totally enhance an outfit without even realizing it.

Rose Doors Lace Choker

Lena Bernard Ofelia Patinated Choker

Sparks Fly Collar Lariat Necklace

Metal Mama Textured Choker

Scalloped Bikini

Scallops have been a big trend for some time now, but scalloped bikinis are starting to enter the stratosphere as one of the most popular looks in swimwear this season. Scallops add a little more femininity to your everyday bikini. The soft edges flatter your curves while providing a little sexy coverage.

Kate Spade Scalloped Bikini

Frill of Chase Bikini

Mix & Match Crochet, Lace Up, Scallop Bikini


Mesh, mesh, mesh! There’s so much you can do with this trend. Would you be surprised if we told you that more than half of our workout wardrobe consists of yoga pants with mesh embellishments? Being one of the biggest trends of New York Fashion Week, you can find mesh in a lot of our summer outfits this year. It is such a sexy look!

Varley Marble Full Length Mesh Insert Legging

Missguided Mesh T-Shirt Dress

Coast Mesh Leggings

Dream Catcher Mesh Tank


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