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LLScene Interview with Senior Editor of, Jenna Rosenstein

LLScene Interview with Senior Editor of, Jenna Rosenstein

Okay guys, get ready for some serious beauty tips today. Thanks to the amazing staff at Bloomingdales Boca Raton, we had the opportunity to sit down with Jenna Rosenstein the fabulous Senior Beauty Editor at and she knows her stuff. She has a wealth of knowledge in all things beauty, especially when it comes to offering advice, so listen up!

As you know, we speak to those 20-30 somethings, so we based a lot of our beauty questions around preventative anti-aging tips we have been personally been interested in, or struggling with. Have beauty questions of your own? Lucky for you, Jenna will be at Bloomingdales this Saturday, January 28 for The Makeup Date beauty trend show. Doors open at 7:30am, show begins at 8:30am. Then, she’ll be doing an appearance in Cosmetics from 10am-12pm. Your $25.00 reservation fee is credited toward the beauty purchase of your choice. To reserve your seat, stop by the Bloomingdale’s Boca Raton cosmetic department, or call 561-394-2044.

LLScene: Every day we wake up and see a new beauty trend out there. What is your favorite beauty trend of the moment?

Jenna: Beauty trends are moving so quickly these days in the age of Instagram, but I try not to pay too much attention to anything viral and fleeting. My favorite trend of the moment is definitely lipgloss, mostly because I never stopped wearing it. But the new generation of glosses are so much better than they were in the ‘90s and early ‘00s. They’re as pigmented as a lipstick and as hydrating as a balm, but never feel sticky or tacky.

LLScene: With the good, comes the bad. What is your least favorite beauty trend of the moment?

Jenna: My least favorite beauty trend has to be matte lipstick. I’m okay with a semi-matte finish, but I absolutely hate the way matte lipstick feels. It leaves my lips cracked and flaky, which isn’t cute. Basically, there’s no such thing as a non-drying matte lipstick (I’ve tried them all, so I can say this as a matter of fact). I’d rather have to reapply my lipstick three times a day than be left with unsightly scraggly lips.

LLScene Interview with Senior Editor of, Jenna Rosenstein

LLScene: Lindsey is turning 30 in June and starting to stress about the amount of money she will be spending on anti-aging products. What advice can you give us "30 somethings" to keep us looking young and vibrant, without having to break the bank?

Jenna: There are three things all 30-something women should be doing on the anti-aging front. The first is obvious: wear sunscreen. I know you hate it and you think it makes you look greasy—I also don’t care. There is just no excuse for leaving your skin unprotected. Think of all the money you’re going to waste later on lasers, Botox, and cosmetic surgeries to try and heal the damage you’re accumulating today. There are so many amazing, lightweight formulas out there to try, from sunscreen serums, cushion compacts, makeup setters, and mineral powders. Just remember that it has to be at least an SPF 30 to count at all, and you should reapply it every few hours. The second thing you should be doing is moisturizing like crazy. Even if you have oily skin, you need to keep it hydrated. That means using a gentle, non-stripping cleanser in the morning followed by a hydrating serum topped with a layer of moisturizer. Not only will your makeup go on smoother, but you can actually prevent fine lines from popping up. And the last thing you should be doing is chemical resurfacing, either at-home or in the dermatologist’s office. I am the number one fan of peel pads—not only do they even out your skin tone and soften your skin, but they also are my first line of defense against zits. There are so many new chemical peels and exfoliants will make you look brighter, fresher, and younger without turning beet-red. Cane + Austin makes amazing peel pads as does Dr. Dennis Gross.

LLScene Interview with Senior Editor of, Jenna Rosenstein
LLScene Interview with Senior Editor of, Jenna Rosenstein

LLScene: Growing up, it was always our dream to write for a publication like What advice would you give to men and women looking to break into this profession?

Jenna: It’s certainly not easy. The media industry is notoriously cutthroat and it’s shrinking by the day. But the best way to break into the profession is by using your voice and vision. The first thing I do when I’m approached by a freelance writer is check their Twitter and Instagram pages. You must be active on social media. You don’t need to have a huge following, but you need to be engaging with the rest of the world in that format. I also think people forget that we are real journalists, writers, and editors—our beat just happens to be fashion and beauty. So get out there and start writing about things that you’re passionate about, whether that’s on your own blog or for a site like Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, etc. Be fearless in your story pitches to your favorite editors. And above all, just keep honing your skill. Read everything. Write something new everyday—even if it’s just as small as an Instagram caption or Tweet.

LLScene: Hair products you simply can't live without?

Jenna: I recently got my hands on the Dyson dryer and I can honestly say it has changed my life. My thick head of hair can dry in about eight minutes (instead of 25), and it’s smoother and straighter than I ever thought possible. I’m also painfully obsessed with the entire Ouai haircare line. The Texturizing Hairspray is the best thing that has ever happened to my hair. I create loose waves with a t3 curling wand everyday, and then I mist through them with the Ouai Texturizing hairspray to break them up a little. It’s lighter and mistier than all other texture sprays, and it just smells so damn good.

LLScene Interview with Senior Editor of, Jenna Rosenstein

LLScene Interview with Senior Editor of, Jenna Rosenstein

*Side note to our local followers, you can buy the Dyson dryer exclusively at Cloud 10!

LLScene: We're always running late, any easy morning beauty hacks that will get us out of the house without looking like we just rolled out of bed?

Jenna: Dry shampoo will be your best friends on late morning. I love the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, Living Proof PHD, and the Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam. Also, you can cut serious time with makeup and skincare multi-taskers. So look for priming moisturizers, BB creams with high SPF, and the NARS Multiple sticks that you can use all over your face. But I’m not really one to talk. It takes me two hours to get ready everyday. I paint my face in front of the mirror like I’m Michelangelo—and I love every second of it.

LLScene Interview with Senior Editor of, Jenna Rosenstein

LLScene: Our followers are always asking us lash lengthening products. What do you have for us?

Jenna: I’m glad you specified lash-lengthening. So many people ask for the best mascara, and mascara is a very, very personal subject. What I like for my lashes is not what you’re going to like for yours. So it’s very hard to pick one best. But for length, I don’t think anything beats Benefit They’re Real (a non-fiber formula) and IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Mascara (a fiber formula). By favorite mascara of ALL time was Doe-Eyed Lashes from Topshop, which they have since discontinued. Topshop, if you’re reading this, please please please bring it back. Please—I’ll do anything!

LLScene Interview with Senior Editor of, Jenna Rosenstein

LLScene: What is the weirdest thing you have done in the name of beauty that actually worked?​

Jenna: I’ve done so many weird things in the name of beauty—it’s my job! But by far the weirdest was getting my blood drawn inside a Parisian hotel room so that it could be flown back to Germany, centrifuged, and then mixed into a custom face cream for me. Dr. Barbara Sturm invited me to her hotel room when we were both there for fashion week, and she stuck an IV in my arm and drew some blood. Then about two weeks later, a package arrived from her lab in Germany (this is a service she only offers to VIP patient in Germany, though she does have a blood-free version of the cream available here). Inside the jar was a plain white face cream with my name on it and an expiration date. Long story short, she had taken my blood and created a supercharged skin cream out of my plasma. I loved the cream for the first week or so; my face was so soft and I didn’t have a single breakout. But I started to worry that the cream was expiring, and all those fresh ingredients would turn sour. So I tossed the jar before I finished the whole thing.

Big thanks to Jenna for taking the time to candidly answer our questions and get down to the nitty gritty.

LLScene Interview with Senior Editor of, Jenna Rosenstein
LLScene Interview with Senior Editor of, Jenna Rosenstein

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