Blow to Paris Blow Dry Bar & Nail Salon

Leave it to us to find the most adorable blow dry bar in town. A lot of you have been asking about Blow to Paris in Boca Raton after we checked in and posted about it on social media a couple weeks back before the St. Patty’s Day parade on the Ave., and today we are here to share alllll the deets with you. Let’s start with this, at Blow to Paris you can get a manicure and a blowout at the exact same time. We don’t know about you, but for us this is EVERYTHING.

Blow to Paris doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to staying in theme. They have every parisian detail down to a complimentary macaron paired with tea. We know what you may be asking, what is a blow dry bar without good stylists? Well, we can assure you that all of the stylists at Blow to Paris are amazing. We have been back twice and have gotten different stylists and they have all exceeded our expectations.

Lilly is especially particular about the way her hair is styled, which is why she has always avoided going to blow dry bars, but she was pleasantly surprised and impressed that their stylists were able to do exactly what she wanted.

As we mentioned before, you can receive a blowout and a manicure at the same time, and it’s truly such a gratifying experience. Our manicurist paid such close attention to every detail while doing our nails. On top of it being an overall luxurious experience, our manicures actually stayed shiny complete for longer than ever. Imagine that.

Something important to mention is how seriously they take sanitation. They are the only blow dry bar and nail establishment to have their very own "Sanitation Lab".

We're so excited to know that such an adorable blow dry bar is located in our backyard and can't wait to go back!


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